'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles': Tracy Tutor's home and other luxurious mansions make fans 'feel poor'

'Watching Million Dollar Listing wishing I just had money to just blow like these people,' wrote a fan on social media

                            'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles': Tracy Tutor's home and other luxurious mansions make fans 'feel poor'
(Razor House - NBC)

A new episode of 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' premiered tonight with three luxurious properties listed for sale. A luxurious mansion in La Jolla, a house in Sunset Square, and Tracy Tutor's Brentwood home featured on Tuesday night's (June 23) episode. Fans who tuned in to the episode took to Twitter to weigh in about how enjoyable it is for them to see these properties without having to spend money on it. A certain section of audiences also joked that the houses had them feeling "poor." 

The first house on the episode tonight was The Razor House in La Jolla and Josh Altman and Josh Flagg were tasked with selling it. Altman and Flagg both admittedly went all out to understand the uber-luxurious house before they could sell it. Together they went to meet Wallace Cunningham, the architect who designed the house. The 10,240-sq-ft house was built using special white portland cement and the concrete allowed people to look at their reflection in it. Other features of the house included ocean views, floor-to-ceiling frameless glass, open floor plans with no walls subdividing the property, solid walnut floors, and Lutron light controls. Other specialties of the house included a rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi and infinity pool, glass elevators, and a subterranean garage. Altman even revealed that this house was rumored to be the inspiration behind Tony Stark's house in 'Iron Man'. The house was listed for $25,000,000 and it's now the property of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. 

The second property was named Curson with James Harris and David Parnes tasked to sell it. The 2385-sq-ft house was located near Sunset Square. The owner Joey spent the last four years on the project and wanted to sell the house as soon as he could. He had done up the house using very expensive fixtures like the front yard elevation fix that cost $35,000, front iron fence costing another $12,000 and the wood encased windows that were another $10,000. The house was listed for $2,995,000. The third house was Tutor's Brentwood home that she originally purchased for $12,500,000. Some of the features of the 11,000-sq-ft house included 20 ft-high ceilings, a formal living room, a huge kitchen island perfect for entertaining, and 10 bathrooms. Tutor herself customized every room in the house according to her tastes and she customized the bar area, added mirrored ceilings, a wine cellar, antique vintage lighting fixtures, an office that she turned into a billiard room/library, a 1950s vintage pool table. The house also featured a 2 story foyer, 7 bedrooms, a dip pool, a fully enclosed yard, and Tutor's asking price was $24,000,000. 

After seeing these ultra-luxurious houses, one fan wrote, "I love watching #milliondollarlisting because I can see such amazing homes and finishes without spending $25mill. Great show! #MDLLA," while another wrote, "No show makes me feel poorer than Million Dollar Listing... somehow people have 15 mil cash... and the damn agents be making like 300K on one house lol". "Watching Million Dollar Listing wishing I just had money to just blow like these people," wrote another fan. 

'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' airs Tuesday nights on NBC. 

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