The Gospel of Instagram according to Miley Cyrus: How the star is redefining what it means to be a celebrity on social media

From NSFW pictures to screengrabs from the ex, Miley Cyrus' Instagram has everything. In a sea of plastic, she's as real as it gets.

                            The Gospel of Instagram according to Miley Cyrus: How the star is redefining what it means to be a celebrity on social media
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While we can't argue with her face being her ID, Miley Cyrus' persona goes far beyond just her face.

The 26-year-old 'Wrecking Ball' singer has been churning out some truly rogue Instagram content lately. With her posts, Miley has proved that you do not need to be a glam fam to be worthy of Insta appreciation. She is also redefining what one can expect to see on a star's Instagram handle, and she's doing it with vigor and humor that only Miley can muster.

With an entire series on hilarious 'Hannah Montana' montages, meme-worthy side eyes, and some Holy Water puns, you can't help but say that it's once again hot to be funny. This Insta refresh, however, had been missing for a while.

In March, when Miley announced that she was "queer" and "ready to party!", her Instagram was just like any typical bland diva. She's a gorgeous woman and has a lot going on, but the posts made her seem too perfect and unattainable for mere mortals like us. However, all that changed when we saw Miley throwing a drink at her haters and calling it "Holy Water".

This is exactly what makes her such a pioneer of Insta fun. She's utterly gorgeous, like most of Hollywood out there, but she's got the pizzaz and panache that Instagram is totally lacking. She isn't afraid of poking questionable jokes at anyone famous and she can get as real as ever when she talks about women empowerment and the causes and things close to her heart. From NSFW pics to screengrabs from the her ex, Miley's Instagram has everything. However, unlike every other celebrity Instagram out there, you don't see Miley posing with some slimming teas.

Unlike the Kardashian clan, who are all about the teeth whitening, fat burning teas, and lots of makeup; or Ariana Grande, who's the reigning Insta queen who only posts picture-perfect shots, Miley is just herself. There's an honesty in her art that has definitely transcended into her social media. She's not your goody-two-shoes, like her ex-Disney colleague Selena Gomez, and she's sensitive where it counts.  

While her feed currently shows some high-quality photos of her chilling in a pool or showing off her washboard abs, the captions to these posts remind us that she's the same woman we fell in love with back in the 'Bangerz' days.

One thing is for sure, Miley slays.