Singer Jana Kramer gets emotional as she recalls her multiple miscarriages

The singer wanted her fans to know her difficult pregnancy journey. She tearfully recalled her miscarriages amidst sharing that the embryo before her current pregnancy was a boy.

                            Singer Jana Kramer gets emotional as she recalls her multiple miscarriages
Jana Kramer (Source:Getty Images)

Jana Kramer and husband, Mike Caussin announced that they were expecting their second child in June. While the pair is eagerly waiting to welcome another addition to their family, their journey towards pregnancy was not an easy road. Opening up about her past miscarriages, the singer decided to be honest with her fans in her latest vlog. “I want to be as open and honest and raw as possible and that’s why I’m doing this. I wanted to show you guys my journey of becoming pregnant,” she said.

Jana and Mike decided to turn to IVF in order to get pregnant but had an unfortunate experience with the same. “When Mike and I first got together, we were having trouble conceiving, so I went to the doctors and started the process of IVF. We had only three embryos and we implanted the two embryos. I ended up getting pregnant but we had a very, very early chemical loss, she said of her first miscarriage. Fortunately, the couple heard a good news when “very soon after, I actually got pregnant naturally with Jolie,” Jana said of their 2-year-old-daughter. 

However, another surprise came their way as Jana realized she was pregnant naturally again just “four or five months after” she gave birth to Jolie. But their happiness did not last long for as she ended up losing that baby around seven and a half weeks." 

The couple wanted to give IVF one last shot and they decided to go ahead with the idea. “Then Michael and I got pregnant last October but after that miscarriage, Mike and I said, ‘We still have a boy embryo, why don’t we just give it a try?’ This was our IVF journey with the very last embryo we had,” she said before sharing a series of videos showing the process of progesterone shots and doctors appointments.

“Because I’ve miscarried three times, I just don’t want to say anything. I’m trying to be optimistic but it’s just hard,” she said before emotionally recalling her fourth miscarriage in another video. However, Jana is 19 weeks pregnant and she just wants to focus on the now. 

“Just like Jolie, the next pregnancy, I got pregnant again [naturally]. I don’t know if my system needed some of the IVF medicines to hold my pregnancy, I’m not really sure. But we are pregnant now. I am almost 19 weeks,” she said. “The times that I’ve miscarried after Jolie, I just remember looking at her like, ‘Man, I’m so lucky to have her." Jana ended the video by saying that all she wanted is a healthy baby and is going to be positive about her pregnancy journey.