Jana Kramer expecting second child with husband Mike Caussin after multiple miscarriages

Jana Kramer expecting second child with husband Mike Caussin after multiple miscarriages
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Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin clearly are keeping their fingers crossed, since the couple is expecting their second child after the country singer went through a series of miscarriages in the past. The couple is really excited about the news and is finally opening up about their difficult journey to baby number two.

“I’m so excited,” the singer told People magazine about her happy pregnancy news. “We lost in October and then we did an IVF cycle and we lost in February, so I want to be able to be like, ‘Hey, I know it’s hard but just try to have some hope.'”

The country singer, who is further going to talk about her pregnancy in the latest episode of her podcast 'Whine Down with Jana Kramer', revealed that she became pregnant naturally this time after she extensively tracked her ovulation cycle with the Ava bracelet.

“I didn’t know I ovulated late and I don’t know if it’s because my cycles are messed up because of my miscarriages, but it said I ovulated on the sixteenth or seventeenth day so that’s what we trusted and I got pregnant,” she said.


However, the 34-year-old isn't really having the best time just yet. After having five miscarriages, out of which two were branded chemical losses, the singer revealed that currently she's suffering from one of the “worst” morning sicknesses she’s had yet.

“I was in bed for like six weeks straight,” says the entertainer, who is at the moment keeping the sex of her child a secret. “I felt like I was just doing such a bad job as a mom because Jolie’s super active right now.”

It was previously reported that Kramer and Caussin declared that they would be taking a break, just seven months after the couple welcomed their two-year-old daughter Jolie. The reason behind their break was Caussin's unfaithfulness.

But even though Caussin spent time at a rehabilitation facility for treatment after the incident, the couple have been trying really hard to work on their marriage for the last two years. “We really wanted to get to a place where we were healthy [before trying for another baby],” said Kramer. “We both know that children do not save a marriage.”


However, Kramer believes that the news of their new baby comes at a great time since both she and Caussin have finally managed to somehow get their relationship back on track. The country crooner also told the publication that ever since things got better, she has been leaning on her husband during her most difficult days.

“The first [pregnancy] was tough,” she said. “He was going through his thing that I didn’t even know about, but this time around he’s just truly been the greatest support system I could’ve ever asked for. It feels so much more unified and I love that.”

Prior to the couple's good news, it was reported that Caussin's infidelity had not only affected the couple's marriage but had also ended up in hitting hard at their sex life.

 “Unfortunately the infidelity piece plays a part in this,” said Kramer on one of her podcasts. “There’s times I do wanna have sex, and I play the game of waiting for you to come to me ’cause I’m like ‘Well, you know, why doesn’t he want me? Why doesn’t he wanna sleep with me since he slept with someone else?'”


“Then I’m like ‘I’m not pretty enough’ and I’m insecure … and I feel rejected again,” she continued. “I get upset and you get upset.”

However, her husband explained that he did not “wanna feel tested” while adding the bit about the duo trying to get better at communicating their feelings to each other at all points in time. “Especially when there is infidelity involved, communication is key. You and I have slowly gotten better at this,” he said.

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 Jana Kramer is reportedly expecting her second child with husband Mike Caussin after multiple miscarriages