Mikaela Testa: OnlyFans model scared to leave house after she's trolled over account

Mikaela Testa: OnlyFans model scared to leave house after she's trolled over account
The online hate has left Mikaela Testa crying (@mikaelatestal/TikTok and @atispaul/TikTok)

A 21-year-old girl has shared her pain after receiving continuous hate online for having a career as an OnlyFans model. Mikaela Testa from Queensland, Australia, was all in tears while reading comments. Her 20-year-old boyfriend Atis Paul captured the scene and posted it on TikTok with a caption that read, “This is the state I have to see my girlfriend in twice a week.”

In the video, Testa says, “Every single comment is so horrible. I can’t even breathe. This is why I don’t even leave the house half the time, because I don’t want to see anyone that hates me. It ruins my day, I just feel like f***ing dying. I don’t even know what else to do anymore.”


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Reportedly, the clip has attracted over 3.4 million views with lots of support messages from people. A user wrote, “This breaks my heart and I’m sorry that Mik has to go through this. She’s so beautiful and the people who hate on her are jealous. Keep your head up.” The second user said, “People online are horrible and there’s not enough light shed on how it affects people’s mental health. I love you Mik and I wish the world wasn’t so cruel.”

A supportive comment read, “I know sometimes people don’t understand/are envious of the lifestyle you guys live, but it’s not an excuse to bully. This breaks my heart.” Another comment noted: “Mik doesn’t deserve this she is such a beautiful person and she may have other stuff going on behind social media.”

However, this is not the first time Testa has received hate comments over ger account. Earlier, she was asked by online trolls to “get a real job”. At the time, she fired back at them and said, “My job is a real job, I legally have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tax, just because I’m not out laying bricks in the hot sun or like building houses, love that, respect that, but it’s clearly not for me."

Mikaela Testa with her boyfriend Atis Paul (Instagram/ Atis Paul)

Testa had added, “It is literal real money, therefore it is a real job. Everyone is different. Not everyone is going to be a hard working man. Not everyone is cut out for ‘hard work’. Just because I do not have the same job as you does not mean I don’t have a real job.”

In another incident, a Colorado police officer reportedly lost her job after colleagues found her OnlyFans page. Melissa Williams was in the service for around three decades and began sharing stuff on the adult site only in May 2020 to spice up her sex life with her husband. She told Jam Press, “My personal sex life was entirely separate and never affected my ability to do my job. I was in shock and panicking because I never wanted these two parts of my life to collide.”

About the job loss, the 46-year-old said, “The complaint came totally out of the blue. Then I was angry and embarrassed because the notice went on to say how five colleagues of mine — all in lower and higher ranks than me — had obtained access to my paid account to access my private content so they could investigate my conduct.” 

Williams also had to take mental health support as she added: “Being a police officer was fulfilling, exciting work. I loved my job — but how could I go back to work in an environment like that? It was hard being a woman in the force. People have always been jealous of me because I am successful, attractive and confident.”

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