Motorists stunned as pig with G-string is bizarrely strapped to top of truck while being transported

A man in China didn't give much thought while transporting the carcass of the animal to his in-laws, but the imagery gave rise to many jokes and memes online

                            Motorists stunned as pig with G-string is bizarrely strapped to top of truck while being transported
(Source: Getty Images)

A driver in China stunned passers-by on the road after he strapped a pig's dead carcass onto his truck in a bizarre fashion, prompting many to quip that the animal was wearing a "G-string."

The butchered animal was being transported by the motorist to the home of his son's future in-laws as an engagement gift, per reports. It has been claimed that while he initially planned to put the pig inside the truck, his son's fiancee's family insisted it would be better he could place the carcass on top of the vehicle during transport.

Beijing's Public Security Bureau released footage of the incident on its official account on Weibo, which is considered the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. According to reports, police shared the video in a bid to advise drivers not to overload their vehicles like the driver of the pickup truck had done.

In the footage, the animal's body is shown to be tied to the back of the vehicle's can with red strings and a wooden board to support its behind.

The driver had reportedly violated traffic regulations by placing the pig on top of his truck, police warned. Nonetheless, the incident amused a swarm of internet users. Many joked about how the pig was fastened, saying it looked like the swine was wearing a "G-string."

But several others accused the driver of "flaunting" his wealth, especially since the price of pork has soared in China after the country was hit by African swine fever this year.

"This is flaunting wealth in broad daylight," one user commented. Meanwhile, another observer noted that it was part of folklore in China to send creative nuptial gifts like this one. "This is the requirement of the bride price in some places," the viewer noted. "[They] need to send a whole pig and bind it near on top of the car with red strings."

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