Mick Jagger celebrates 75th birthday with his kids, including 19-month-old Deveraux!

The Rolling Stones singer has always been the favorite dad and his kids took to Instagram to share their happy moments

                            Mick Jagger celebrates 75th birthday with his kids, including 19-month-old Deveraux!
Mick Jagger (Source:Getty Images)

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger celebrated his 75th birthday with his extended his family on Thursday. His daughter took to Instagram to post pictures of Mick seated between his sons with his iconic grin splashed across his face. In the picture, he is surrounded by his four sons and is sitting with his toddler son Deveraux whom he had with his 31-year-old wife Melanie Hamrick.

Georgia Jagger, whom Mick had with Jerry Hall in 1992, posted the picture on Instagram where the boys are seen surrounding their father on his birthday. Georgia captioned the picture, "Happy Birthday Dada! We love you 💜".

The picture also includes Mick's 19-year-old son Lucas Jagger who was recently trolled by his father online for his Instagram posts. The comments had sent his fans to an apparent meltdown when he went all "dorky dad" on his son. The 19-year-old too took his revenge after he jokingly trolled his father after Mick put up an image on Instagram.

Mick captioned the image thanking everyone for the birthday wishes, "Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I’m enjoying a break and I got a new bush hat!" Lucas mocked his father's hat in the comments section saying, "That doesn't look very new."

Mick's 46-year-old daughter Jade Jagger whom he had with Bianca Jagger shared another picture of her father with his family where he is joined by his oldest daughter Karis Jagger, who is now 47-year-old, and his granddaughter Mazie.

Mick Jagger has had quite a steady ride when it comes to dating beautiful and accomplished women. Even before 'The Rolling Stones' had released their first record in the US, Mick was already dating the British model Chrissie Shrimpton in 1963.

However, after the band split in 1966, his dating graph mostly remained a steady slope upward which includes his famous relationship with Marianne Faithfull. He later went on to have several relationships with women like Jerry Hall, the French model Carla Bruni, and his wife Bianca Perez-Mora Macias with whom he had his daughter Jade.