Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler and more pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green with star-studded concert

Mick Fleetwood, Steven Tyler and more pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green with star-studded concert
Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood (Getty Images)

Mick Fleetwood, most famously known as the drummer for Fleetwood Mac honored the soft rock band's co-founder Peter Green with a concert on February 25. The stellar performances, which benefited the charity Teenage Cancer Trust, were held at London Palladium and included appearances by Steven Tyler, Neil Finn, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Billy Gibbons, Christine McVie, Bill Wyman, Kirk Hammett and Noel Gallagher and more.

Fleetwood described the event as "a celebration of those early blues days where we all began and it’s important to recognize the profound impact Peter and the early Fleetwood Mac had on the world of music.” He said, “Peter was my greatest mentor and it gives me such joy to pay tribute to his incredible talent" adding in the statement, according to Rolling Stone, "I am honored to be sharing the stage with some of the many artists Peter has inspired over the years and who share my great respect for this remarkable musician.”


Prior to an 'Albatross' performance by Gilmour, Fleetwood spoke about a Beatles interview after 'Abbey Road' released that he had heard on the radio while fighting sleep on the road back from a gig. According to Fleetwood, one band member said, "This is where we do our ‘Albatross’ thing, like Fleetwood Mac". He says, “And that woke the hell out of me [and the rest of the band] … So, our minds were truly blown … To know that this floating, lovely song had inspired just a little bit of something so precious as the band who was talking on the radio”, adding, "And this next beautiful song, ‘Albatross,’ written by Peter, I would like to dedicate not only to Peter Green but to George Harrison, it happens to be his birthday today".

Fan footage from the event showed Neil Finn performing 'Man of the World', a co-operative performance by Steven Tyler and Billy Gibbons for 'Oh Well', Gilmour performing during 'Oh Well (Part 2)' and 'Albatross'. An all-star rendition of 'Shake Your Money Maker' wrapped up the night. See the clips below:


Watch Steven Tyler and Billy Gibbons here.

Watch Neil Finn here.

Watch David Gilmour here.

Watch 'Albatross' here.

Watch 'Shake Your Money Maker' here


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