REMOVE ALEXIS KROT: Petition to oust judge who wanted to jail cancer patient for unkempt lawn goes viral

Judge Alexis Krot had some very harsh words for the elderly cancer patient who could not mow his lawn due to weakness

                            REMOVE ALEXIS KROT: Petition to oust judge who wanted to jail cancer patient for unkempt lawn goes viral
A screenshot from the virtual hearing of Burhan Chowdhury (in green) with Judge Alexis Krot (top left)(Twitter)

Michigan Judge Alexis Krot has infamously become the talk of the internet after she slammed Burhan Chowdhury, a 72-year-old cancer patient, for not being able to clean up his lawn.

Chowdhury apologized to Krot and made the judge aware of his condition, saying that he had been unable to take care of his lawn due to physical weakness. 

Krot however, decided that the man's unattended alleyway weed situation was totally unacceptable and had some very harsh words for Chowdhury.

“You should be ashamed of yourself! If I could give you jail time on this I would!” Krot told the elderly man. “You better get that cleaned up. That is totally inappropriate. Do you see that photo?! That is shameful! SHAMEFUL! The neighbors should not have to look at that. You should be ashamed of yourself,” she added. 


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Petition to remove Alexis Krot from her position

Soon after the video of judge Krot being rude to the old man went viral, a petition was launched demanding her removal over such inhuman behaviour towards a senior citizen suffering from cancer. 

The petition went viral over the internet and social media and netizens made it clear they were not having any of Krot's ethical misconduct.

As of Thursday, the petition had almost reached its goal of 15,000 signatures as more people showed their support for Chowdhury.

Local news outlets in Detroit reported the incident and the Zoom Call recording of her bashing the old man for his overgrown lawn -- which had already been cleaned by the time the hearing was conducted, received much airplay.

Hamtramck Judge Alexis G. Krot. (Twitter)


Chowdhury was fined $100 for not cleaning his lawn. However, Krot's behaviour has been widely condemned by people all over social media. People have criticized Krot over her severe lack of compassion for the elderly man.

Twiteratti seems to have collectively decided that Krot should not be re-elected to her position and should suffer consequences for the kind of behaviour she has shown towards the elderly man in spite of knowing that he has cancer.


Some users accused Krot of being racist towards Chowdhury, who is also a man of color.


Several users also pointed out that the man's neighbours should have helped him out instead of putting him through legal ordeal over an overgrown lawn, given that he is suffering from cancer.