Who is Alexis Krot? 'Heartless' judge slams 72-yr-old cancer patient over unkempt LAWN

'If I could give you jail time on this, I would,' said Michigan judge to man left too weak to maintain his yard, gets condemned online

                            Who is Alexis Krot? 'Heartless' judge slams 72-yr-old cancer patient over unkempt LAWN
Hamtramck Judge Alexis G Krot gets condemned online for berating a 72-year-old cancer patient (Twitter)

A Michigan judge is being widely condemned on social media after berating a 72-year-old cancer patient. During a virtual hearing on January 10, 2022, district judge Alexis G Krot slammed the senior citizen for not maintaining his lawn, for which he was issued a ticket back in August 2021. She refused to accept the man's explanation that his treatment made him too weak to do yard work, which has led people online to dub her "heartless", and "deplorable". 

Krot joins a long list of judges, whose controversial decisions have earned them condemnation online. In November 2021, Judge Matthew Murphy was condemned for issuing an eight-year probation sentence to Christopher Belter, who pleaded guilty to raping minors. In a similar decision on January 12, Judge Robert Adrian ordered convicted rapist Drew Clinton not to face any jail time, saying prosecutors had failed to prove their case.  Towards the end of 2021, Judge Bruce Schroeder also came under immense pressure for his handling of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which many claims led to his acquittal. 


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Now, that widespread anger is being directed at Judge Krot for the way she handled the case of Burhan Chowdhury. The case ended with Chowdhury being levied a $100 fine, and being ordered to clean up his yard, which was done before the hearing itself. 

A screenshot from the virtual hearing of Burhan Chowdhury (in green) with Judge Alexis Krot (top right). (Twitter)


Who is Judge Alexis Krot?

Krot currently sits in the 31st District Court in Michigan, where she was elected by the city of Hamtramck in November 2018 as a non-partisan candidate. She won the 2020 re-election unopposed, also as a non-partisan candidate. Krot was appointed to the bench two years prior by then-Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican who left office in 2019. According to the court's website, Krot earned a B.Sc degree from Tulane University before completing her Juris Doctor from Loyola University. She also has an MBA from the University of  Detroit Mercy.

Before being appointed to the bench. Krot had vast experience in criminal and family law, and also served as the assistant city attorney for the City of Hamtramck. Little else is known about Krot, who has remained largely out of the headlines until her recent outburst at Chowdhury. She doesn't appear to have a presence on social media, so we couldn't learn more than what her official biography says. 

But before the outburst, it appears she was widely respected in the city. A 2018 press release by Hamtramck's leaders notes that the judge "serves our community with integrity, honor, and respect for all." The press release indicates she grew up in the town, saying, "Judge Krot knows Hamtramck. As a homeowner and community volunteer with deep roots in the city,
she understands our community and the needs of our residents." 

31st District Court Judge Alexis G. Krot. (31st District Court Michigan website)


Comments berating Chowdhury go viral

It appears though that the judge lost some of that goodwill in her handling of Chowdhury's case. At the virtual hearing, she told the 72-year-old, "You should be ashamed of yourself," and called his situation "shameful". That's despite Chowdhury's son arguing that his father was alone at the time as he was back in Bangladesh. "There was really mistakes I should have taken care of that. But, yeah, still, like she should have said my father more politely," he told WDIV

The ticket was issued on August 2 after Chowdhury's yard grew to obstruct the sidewalk. Shortly after the complaints, it was cleared, but the family still had to appear in court for the citation. That's when Krot lashed out at the family, telling Chowdhury "If I could give you jail time on this, I would." A video of the exchange has since gone viral, as have several reports of Krot's behavior. 

In response, Twitter users slammed the judge with one person noting, "What is wrong with this lady? Life is too short for this. The neighbors should be ashamed for not helping an ill elderly neighbor!!!" Another commented, "How to be a Bad Person: Lessons in Judicial Depravity, by Alexis G Krot." One user said, "This judge, Alexis G. Krot, needs to step down immediately."





One user claimed that the incident is the latest in a "recent of a string of abuses Judge Krot has brought." It's unclear what the other controversial decisions entail, but clearly, it seems she's struck a nerve. Some users have also begun a Change.org petition to get Krot removed, even though she isn't up for reelection until 2027 according to Ballotpedia. 

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