Who is Michelle Odinet's husband? Lousiana judge suspended for using N-word in video

A video of Judge Michelle Odinet went viral after she was heard using racial slurs in it. Now there are many calls for her resignation

                            Who is Michelle Odinet's husband? Lousiana judge suspended for using N-word in video
Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet (Lafayette City Court) and her husband Kenneth Odinet (Ken Odinet website)

Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet is facing massive pressure to step down after a viral video of her emerged in mid-December 2021. In the video, the judge can be heard using racial slurs, including the n-word. As of December 17, she's on unpaid leave and facing an investigation from the Louisiana Supreme Court, but there's also a massive pressure campaign for her to resign ongoing. 

Despite a year-long campaign by Black activists, racial discrimination continues to make headlines all over the US. On October 13, a Seattle man was caught doing the Nazi salute and yelling 'Go back to Africa' at a Black man. Earlier in April, Colorado district judge Natalie Turnmire Chase was forced to resign after she was caught using the n-word and making other offensive comments in court. In September, Jannique and Deri Martinez went viral for their story of racial harassment by their neighbors, who used the n-word against them, but were never arrested.


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Unlike with Chase, it appears Odinet didn't use the racial slur in court, but rather at home. However, that hasn't stopped the outrage from forcing the court to investigate the matter. The story has put the spotlight on Odinet and her family as they are all facing pressure over her perceived racism. 



Who is Michelle Odient's husband?

According to reports, the judge is married to Kenneth Odinet Jr, who is the coroner of Lafayette Parish. The couple has been married for nearly three decades and shares four children together. He's reportedly a native of Southern Louisiana who received his medical degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) in the late '80s. He also has a dental degree from LSU but reportedly practices plastic surgery.

He is believed to be the owner of Odinet Plastic Surgery and Skincare in Lafayette. Before the site was taken down for maintenance, a bio of his read, "He is the only plastic surgeon in Acadiana board certified in ear, nose, and throat surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. With his combined background in dentistry and plastic surgery." Multiple listing websites also say he is affiliated with the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. 

Dr. Kenneth Odinet (Ken Odinet via YouTube)

Little else is known about Odient, but according to one report, he could be involved in the judge's video scandal as well. "Anyone who knows me and my husband knows this is contrary to the way we live our lives," she told The Current, but it appears there may be more than she concedes to.

Did Michelle's husband also use the n-word?

The video in question appears to come from a surveillance camera, showing an altercation with a burglary suspect. The individual allegedly burglarized two vehicles belonging to Odienet and Kenneth. The couple then confronted him, with a male voice heard saying, "And Mom's yelling n----r, n----r." A female voice, which the judge conceded belongs to her then says, "We have a n----r, It's a n----r, like a roach." 

There are a lot of questions as to how the video became public, and who exactly is involved, but some publications allege the mail voice belongs to Kenneth. In the video, the names 'Ken' and 'Kenny' surface twice, which could refer to either Kenneth or one of the couple's children. "I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness and understanding as my family and I deal with the emotional aftermath of this armed burglary," the judge said.

However, the apology didn't seem to be enough, with Governor John Bel Edwards joining the growing list of people calling for her resignation. So far, Kenneth hasn't faced any backlash, but that could change in the coming weeks as the video is investigated.