Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer canceled AGAIN as internet digs up past homophobic, sexist tweets

Twitter has dug up all his problematic tweets from the past and the hashtag #michaelcliffordisoverparty started trending on June 12

                            Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer canceled AGAIN as internet digs up past homophobic, sexist tweets
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Another day, another celebrity canceled on Twitter for their past racially insensitive tweets. This time it's Michael Clifford from the band 5 Seconds Of Summer and Twitter has dug up a lot of things that he's been party to in the past and that includes homophobia and sexist views amongst other things and the hashtag #michaelcliffordisoverparty started trending on Twitter on June 12.

His past tweets include, "I'm so bad at making sandwiches, I would be a terrible woman" and when 'With Confidence' frontman Jayden Seeley wanted some help with "learning how to cook" Clifford in response had tweeted "Get a woman brah". He also used the term "fa**ot" for his bandmate, Luke Hemmings, a number of times on Twitter according to a fan who has compiled all of his past problematic behavior.

Clifford is engaged to Crystal Leigh since last year. The couple were a part of a group chat on Twitter according to a fan and within the same Crystal had posted a couple of fat-shaming tweets. In a screenshot posted by the fan, Crystal had used the N-slur a number of times and used demeaning words while fat-shaming other women. In the same group chat, Clifford chose to defend Crystal's comments and called for the hate against her to stop or for him to be taken out of the group chat. One of his messages read, "Doesn't seem you guys have a basis to not like her for any reason other than her using the n-word which she very obviously would never say lol". The same fan after posting the screengrab of his messages drew attention to how he didn't bring up the fat-shaming tweets and completely invalidated it. The fan also posted a video of Clifford and his bandmate Calum Hood that was uploaded on Keek in 2013. The video sees the former recording Calum jokingly singing about wanting to have sex with him. Clifford can be seen saying "He's going to rape me later," at the end of the video, right after Calum agreed that he was joking.

Clifford's past mistakes include him making a cancer joke, jokingly come out as bisexual, wearing a confederate T-shirt amongst other things and a comprehensive thread of all of this can be accessed by clicking here

Participating in the trend, one user wrote, "From what I’ve seen, racism, biphobia, and sexism that he’s not once apologized for:/"

While another tweeted, "Young brethren of the world, please know that there will come a time in your life when these people will not matter. And, like me, you will ask yourself why do they care?#michaelcliffordisoverparty"

"Who wtf is Michael Clifford? IDK but cancel him pls," read another tweet. 

Another user wrote, "Man celebrities better start watching out on what they’ve done cause the tea is spilling #michaelcliffordisoverparty." 

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