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Michael Yaker: Wisconsin contractor, 52, accused of threatening to kill Governor Tony Evers in sick emails

In a string of emails sent to Evers, Yaker reportedly called the Democrat governor a 'dead man walking' and who had been 'marked for elimination'
Michael Yaker (L) allegedly sent emails and Facebook messages threatening to kill Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (Dane County Jail and Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Michael Yaker (L) allegedly sent emails and Facebook messages threatening to kill Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (Dane County Jail and Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Warning: The following article contains violent and graphic descriptions that may trigger some readers. Discretion is advised.

DANE COUNTY, WISCONSIN: A federal criminal complaint that was unsealed on Monday, November 7, 2022, revealed that a Wisconsin-based contractor with a past of harassing local lawmakers allegedly sent emails and Facebook messages threatening to kill Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. In a string of emails sent to Evers, Michael Yaker, 52, has been accused of calling the governor a “dead man walking” and who was “marked for elimination.”

According to a report by The Daily Beast, Yaker then went on to describe how he would like to “bash his head against a concrete wall until the concrete turns to dust” and that he’d like to have Evers’ “blood on his hands,” after a State Capitol Police officer asked for clarification. He has been charged with transmitting threats to injure someone across interstate lines. Yaker's location was tracked by the authorities based on a post celebrating Halloween in Kansas. 


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The dispute between Yaker and the local officials has been ongoing for more than ten years after he was denied a contract to build a shelter in a local park. He has been allegedly stalking and threatening lawmakers since 2010. Yaker brought a large ax to the City-County Building in Madison to confront Dane County clerk Scott McDonell at a public forum being held there and sent threats by email, according to a 2011 State Journal story. 

In a similar incident that MEAWW previously reported, a person who claimed to be a student posted a sick threat on social media, saying they would shoot up an elite high school in Brooklyn, just days after the deadly Uvalde massacre. “I’m going to shoot up my school Millennium Brooklyn High School New York with a MP15 assault rifle and a Glock 17 pistol with hundreds of rounds of ammunition in a few weeks and Livestream it on my Instagram,” the person wrote on Omegle. The person also said they would play “dancin military style and abba gimme gimme eurobeat” music during the shooting.

An NYPD spokeswoman said that an employee at the Park Slope school reported the threat to the police. “We’re investigating it,” Detective Denise Maroni said. The disturbing post also said, "I hope to take at least 15-30 people with me mostly in the classrooms or hallways, plus some people fleeing the building."

The person further said they would not surrender to police and would “shoot through the windows to get them and before I do it I’ll send a link to my stream to everyone.” The user even listed the names of more than a dozen students to be murdered.

The building where the school is located contains many other schools. An employee from Park Slope Collegiate, also in the building, sent an email to parents following the threats. "Last night, an unknown person posted a threat to one of the schools on our campus, Millennium Brooklyn High School, on a site called Omegle," the email read, adding, "The post appears copy and pasted from social media threats that have been made in previous months to schools throughout our area, but it does include the school name and the names of some students. We are taking the threat seriously…”