Sophie Long missing: Michael Long's wife says he isn't a stable person for toddler to be with

In a Facebook post, Kourtney Chalmers said that Michael Long had repeatedly threatened to 'flee the country' with Sophie Long

                            Sophie Long missing: Michael Long's wife says he isn't a stable person for toddler to be with
Michael Long's wife has said Sophie shouldn't stay with him (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Michael Long's wife, Kourtney Chalmers, has spoken out after his daughter Sophie Long — the center of the controversial 'Stand With Sophie' campaign last year — has gone missing and was last spotted with Chalmers' husband. 

Sophie was caught in the middle of a bitter child custodial battle ever since her parents divorced in 2015. For his latest court custody hearing, Michael came alone without Sophie, according to The Guadalupe Sherrif’s Department. She was last seen on July 12, 2021, in Seguin, Guadalupe County. Describing the circumstances, the Texas Department of Public Safety stated in a release, “Missing juvenile is believed to be with her non-custodial parent, Michael Long, and may be en route to Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Mexico or Argentina. Michael Long is possibly driving an off white 2010 Ford Edge SUV or a gray van with blacked out windows, a NRA sticker and a black rack on top. Missing juvenile has a small burn mark on one of her arms.”


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Last year, in August, she made headlines when Michael accused Sophie's mother Kelly Long's fiance of inappropriately touching Sophie while she was in her mother’s care. A video posted by him showed Sophie in tears while the custody exchange was taking place, which went viral, with #StandwithSophie quickly trending on Twitter. That video has since mysteriously disappeared. Authorities believe it was all part of Michael's plan. 

Sophie Long has gone missing (Texas Department Of Public Safety)

Kourtney Chalmers says Michael 'not a stable person'

Michael Long was described by his current wife, Kourtney Chalmers, as “not a stable person for Sophie to be with,” according to a psychological evaluation. In a Facebook post written on Sunday, July 12, Chalmers said that her husband had repeatedly threatened to “flee the country” with his 10-year-old daughter. 

On Facebook, Chalmers wrote that just before Sophie went missing, Michael was ordered by the court to turn his daughter over to a family member that Sophie “loves and trusts. She was not going back to her mothers [sic] home at this point.” However, no one saw Michael or Sophie after he left the courthouse. 

“Michaels psyche [sic] eval did not come back favorably and Sophie is not in a stable place with him or the people he may be surrounding her with while they avoid court orders here in Texas,” Chalmers continued. “Given concerning things said by Michael, please do not approach them or post where they are on social media if you see them or know where they are. Please contact law enforcement so they can work with the sheriffs here in Texas. I can’t give any more concrete specifics on the situation at this time."

She added "Please DO NOT pollute the genuine information with speculation and rumors. This will only make it harder to find Sophie. Michael has been threatening to run with her for some time now. All officials involved are aware of the threats to stay on the run permanently and are taking the situation seriously. At least they assure me they are doing everything they can to recover her safely.”

In a follow-up post on July 19, she uploaded a fresh batch of pictures of Sophie and Michael in the bid to help the public spot them faster as the Department of Public Safety has listed old pics of the two. "I'm praying this will help someone spot them and help us bring Sophie home safely," she said. Chalmers stressed on the fact again that Michael's mental condition was not stable. "Let's find her before this situation becomes anymore heartbreaking. Thank you!" she concluded her post. 

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