Michael Jackson smuggled child abuse victim across US in 'sophisticated' sex-trafficking ring, new book claims

Michael Jackson smuggled child abuse victim across US in 'sophisticated' sex-trafficking ring, new book claims
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The FBI suspected Michael Jackson of running a child sex-trafficking ring and investigated reports that the 'King of Pop' had smuggled a child abuse victim across the U.S., an explosive new book has claimed. In his new book, 'Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation Into the Michael Jackson Cover-Up' that released on July 7, author Dylan Howard said his investigations into the singer had revealed many disturbing things, including how his pattern of child abuse started long before he was first arrested in 1993.

Howard said the FBI was first called in to investigate Jackson after the Los Angeles Police Department asked for the federal organization's assistance to look into allegations that he sexually abused 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. Jordan had reportedly told police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation, and oral sex.

The author claimed to have uncovered evidence that showed Jackson had been abusing children for decades. "He started far earlier than people think. His abuses go back more than 30 years and may involve thousands of victims," an insider allegedly told him. Those sentiments were echoed by Vince Finaldi, an attorney for Wade Robson, who along with James Safechuck, had alleged Jackson sexually abused them for many years while they were children. Finaldi accused the singer of operating "the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has ever known."

Howard said he had also accessed federal files which showed that the LAPD had suspected Jackson of violating the White-Slave Traffic Act, or Mann Act, a federal law passed in 1910 that made it a felony to engage in interstate or foreign commerce transport for the "purpose of prostitution, debauchery, or any other immoral purpose." He said the suspicion was warranted because the files showed that, a year before the Jordan Chandler allegations, a Canadian couple told authorities they suspected Jackson "had smuggled a child abuse victim across America by train." They said he had been "very possessive of the boy at night" and heard "questionable noises" during the journey. The couple said that, when they asked him who the boy was, he told them he was his cousin. "Incredibly, the situation was never fully investigated," Howard wrote.

Jackson was reportedly under suspicion of violating the White-Slave Traffic Act (Phil Walter/Getty Images)

While Jackson was never criminally charged – he settled the case with Jordan's family out of court for $25 million – the FBI's is said to have continued investigating. It eventually led them across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where they looked into allegations he had had phone sex with a 13-year-old British boy in 1979.
Those allegations were seemingly corroborated by Terry George, a DJ who claimed he had kept touch with Jackson after initially meeting him in Leeds as a fan. George said the singer would call him, describe his sexual practices in graphic detail, and then encourage him to do the same.

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) previously reported on files obtained by Radar Online which claimed the FBI had covered up evidence Jackson was a sex trafficker because a "starstruck" official "did not pursue the allegations since Jackson was an honor to receive at the White House." The files said that, if the case had been pursued, the singer would have been prosecuted under the White-Slave Traffic Act.

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