Florida school lets 'twerk icon' Nastya Nass shoot racy video in school gym, basketball coach under fire

Nastya Nass, an Instagram twerk celebrity, was part of the group that performed for the video in the Miami Beach Senior High School gym

                            Florida school lets 'twerk icon' Nastya Nass shoot racy video in school gym,  basketball coach under fire
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A high school basketball coach is under investigation for allowing celebrity twerkers to film a video inside the school’s gym. The video shot on February 22 features 47 twerkers along with Nastya Nass, who has build a massive 6.8 million following on Instagram through high-definition videos of her twerking classes, performing inside the Miami Beach Senior High School gym.

The group was on the Miami leg of their ‘Twerk Tour’ when they filmed inside the school. The 13-minute video uploaded on YouTube shows them twerking with a loud sound of the crowd cheering and a very long version of Nicki Minaj’s “Yikes.”

But soon the video with millions of views on YouTube as well as on Instagram sparked controversy for using the high school gym as venue for the event. Though the location has not been tagged in the viral video, the neutral wall tiles, scarlet-and-silver championship banners, and scarlet hardwood basketball court gave a clear hint of where the video was shot.

According to Daisy Gonzalez-Diego, the spokeswoman of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a coach named Jacob Shaw was responsible for allowing the unauthorized event on the school premises. Gonzalez-Dieg further added that if the video was used for promotional purposes, there could be legal ramifications.

The 39-year-old Shaw works at the school as a therapeutic support professional and has currently resigned from his post as he is under probe by the district’s Office of Professional Standards. He refused to talk about the incident, saying: “I’m not at liberty to talk about that right now. My administration, they gotta talk about it.”

Nass, the film company Typo and other twerkers are yet to respond to the controversy.

Besides the twerk video, the school district is also under scanner after it came to light that it allowed a Jewish center to ‘temporarily’ operate after-school programs at the public school without following proper protocols.

A report issued by the inspector general rebuked the school district for taking no responsibility for its negligence. A copy of that report has been submitted to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and the school district is expected to respond on how it could tighten up its facility rental protocols. The inspector general will determine whether the school district’s actions are enough. 

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