Mia Khalifa shuts down unsolicited messages on OnlyFans: 'Your mother should've aborted you'

Khalifa who's using her OnlyFans account with a strictly no nude content policy is not putting up with subscribers sending her lewd messages

                            Mia Khalifa shuts down unsolicited messages on OnlyFans: 'Your mother should've aborted you'
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Former pornstar turned sports commentator Mia Khalifa answered her fans' prayers by announcing she has joined OnlyFans in September, only to leave them stunned by revealing that she won't be posting any nude content on the paid subscription site used by adult entertainers. Almost a month later, she is now scolding her subscribers for sending unsolicited lewd messages to her on the platform.

Khalifa's very controversial porn-journey lasted all of three months, after which she shifted to sports commentary and spoke vocally about the cons of doing porn. Despite her strict policy of no nudity, the 27-year-old is still having a hard time blocking out fans who can't seem to respect her boundaries. In a new, lengthy post on Instagram, captioned "Once again, REALLY enjoying my time on @onlyfansofficial," Khalifa exposed these messages with a response that has grown pretty popular with her Instafam.

Screenshots of the unsolicited messages show a subscriber writing to her "I came for u", to which Khalifa replied, "Your mother should've aborted you." With more than 745,000 likes shortly after she shared the screenshots, the comments section of the post sees Khalifa's followers touting her candid reply, while others pacify her saying this was expected.

Others, who seemingly agreed with Khalifa, also argued that she shouldn't have to deal with messages like these regardless of her past or the platform's primary purpose. "What happened to basic human decency?" commented a follower on the Instagram post, while another wrote "Damn such kind of people." A third one shared, "Dudes don’t know how to act."

Khalifa's account, which she had revealed would be like any other social media photo-blogging account, but paid for, costs her subscribers $11.99 (£9.28) per month, with "Safe for work content, kinda," as the description reveals. In a similar statement explaining the purpose behind the account, Khalifa had shared on OnlyFans, "I am finally growing into my self-confidence in who I am and the decisions I make for me, and this is my way of being myself outside the perimeters of conventional social media."

She continued, "Even though I will not be creating nude content, I am going to be treating this page like my Instagram without terms of service lol. I want to take my power back and just post what I want and what makes me feel good, and I’m just so thankful that y’all are along for this wild ride." Half a month into the platform, around the end of September, Khalifa had also quipped how she was "already seeing why women feel empowered to be unapologetically themselves within the community… thank y’all so much for the warm welcome."

Khalifa was not the first mainstream celebrity to have joined the platform used mainly by sex workers and NSFW content creators. She joins a heavily criticized slew of celebs such as Cardi B and Bella Thorne, the latter of which garnered major controversy and flak for posting misleading pay-per-view 'nudes'. Thorne's posts allegedly led to policy changes in the company which thrives on prices and tips for creators, who have to suffer now for her decisions.

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