'Messiah' Episode 4 sees the fate of the 'messiah' being decided by the courts

'Messiah' Episode 4 sees the fate of the 'messiah' being decided by the courts
A still from 'Messiah' (Netflix)

The start of the fourth episode of 'Messiah' on Netflix shows the CT scan and report for an unnamed person. This person has malignant brain tumors that are inoperable. Is this relevant to the man who people call the "messiah"? It becomes so.

After being detained by the FBI in the last episode, and getting access to an ACLU lawyer thanks to Reverend Felix Iguero, the fourth episode centers around the trial of the "messiah". While many are campaigning for him to be granted asylum, the president and the head of the CIA wants him out.

The trial is being presided over by Judge Harold Pleva, who is known for his stance against granting refugees asylum. But, the "messiah's" lawyer is determined. Moreover, CIA agent Eva Geller believes it is best if the United States keeps the "messiah" so they can make him disappear, if not control his movements.

Eva gets her chance to see the "messiah" in person, this time. She receives the call from Agent Will Mathers of the FBI when she is at the hospital, having suffered her fourth miscarriage. Her husband, Ben Geller has passed away but he froze his sperm before his chemotherapy treatments. 


That Eva is in a melancholic state does not matter when it comes to her job. When she meets him, however, like with Aviram in Israel, the "messiah" seems to know personal details and says enough to disturb her. Unfortunately, Mathers had bugged the room, so he knows all of what transpired in the room.

We later learn that the CT scans at the beginning of the episode belongs to Judge Pleva, and maybe because of his plight now he grants the "messiah" asylum in a decision that shocks many. After the "messiah" is released, Felix drives him away.

What the implications of this are we will have to wait and see. 

All episodes of Season 1 of 'Messiah' are now streaming on Netflix.


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