'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby': 5 things to know about Lifetime's Christmas flick

The Liddles, Jacquie, and Tyler are back and this time there's a new member on the way as the duo prepares for the arrival of their first baby

                            'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby': 5 things to know about Lifetime's Christmas flick
Kelly Rowland in a still from 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' (Lifetime)

Lifetime's Christmas movies for 2021 have already begun spreading the joy of the yuletide season and are set to dish more of those heartwarming, feel-good stories over the course of the month. 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' is the latest on the network's roster. The movie follows the 2020 flick, 'Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding', Lifetime's first-ever Christmas sequel as per IMDb.

The film stars Kelly Rowland as the main lead playing Jacquie Liddle, opposite the love of her life, Tyler (Thomas Cadrot). It revolves around a 'Christmas Wedding' which Jacquie tries her best to make it a 'Fairy Tale' one, right from the most expensive flowers to a wedding dress from London, she goes for all the top-notch things for her wedding. But her plans fall apart when her snooty wedding planner quits just a few days before her big day after Liddle's sister and mother share their opinion about the decor.

And now, there's a sequel that promises that much fun and an engrossing watch. So time to get those cookies out and cozy up to watch the latest life story of the Liddles.

When does 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' release?

The much-awaited Christmas flick releases Saturday, November 27 at 8p/7c on Lifetime.

What is the 'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' about?

The official synopsis reads: "This holiday, the Liddles have much to be merry about! Jacquie Liddle (Rowland) and her husband Tyler (Cadrot) are preparing for the arrival of their first baby.  Meanwhile, Jacquie’s sister Treena (Latonya Williams) and her husband Julian (Jaime M. Callica) are thinking about adopting a baby themselves, and spirited, fashionista sister Kiara’s (Bresha Webb) relationship with Chris (Nathan Witte) is heating up.  With Jacquie’s family expanding in ways she could never have expected, the Liddles are headed for a crazy Christmas filled with merry mayhem and lots of love and laughter."

Who's the cast?

Kelly Rowland (Getty Images)


The film stars Kelly Rowland ('Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding') and Thomas Cadrot ('Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding'). Latonya Williams, Jaime M. Callica, and Bresha Webb round up the rest of the cast.


'Merry Liddle Christmas Baby' is produced by Liddle Road Productions III Ltd and Charles Cooper. Rowland, Loretha Jones, Tim Weatherspoon, and Denielle Jackson serve as the executive producers. Allen Lewis and Bianca Versteeg Kelly Fyffe-Marshall helms the movie from a script by Andrea Stevens.



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