Meredith Vieira's statement in Matt Lauer's $100 million divorce case could just break him

Matt Laurer finds himself in a messier situation with Meredith Viera expected to make a statement with regard to his divorce.

                             Meredith Vieira's statement in Matt Lauer's $100 million divorce case could just break him
Meredith Vieira (Source:Getty Images)

After months of speculation, Matt Lauer and Annette Roque have finally announced that they were separating. While the divorce process is about to start, it is expected that the event may turn ugly keeping in mind that Matt is going to mostly deny the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him. To make things messier, it is believed that Meredith Vieira, who was also a victim of Matt's assault might be making a statement during the divorce process. 

Meredith might make a statement in the divorce settlement case (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation)

The divorce which has an expected settlement of $100 million saw Meredith getting involved after it was found that she had been responsible for his firing from Peacock Network. She went on to drag him down on her show 'The Meredith Vieira Show' over his behavior and also called him out in 2016 for the “bag of sex toys” he had stashed in his Today office.

According to Radar Online, there is a possibility for Annette to bring in Meredith in between their legal battle to take a large portion from his fortune and also seek custody of their kids,  Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11. This is not the first time that the pair has filed for divorce. 


Annette wants to have the custody of her kids (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

Back in 2006, the couple had decided to head their separate ways when Annette was pregnant with their third child. At that time, she had stated that Matt's "controlling and cruel behavior” was so extreme that it “endangered [her] physical and mental well-being." 

However, she later had a change of heart and decided to drop the charges when Matt filed a post-nuptial agreement that promised her millions more if they decided to break. But this time things are different and more serious and it does not look like Matt is going to go easy on Annette's legal team if they decide to bring Meredith or others who have accused the anchor, into the picture. 

But it seems like Annette has made up her mind of bringing Matt down for all the sick deeds he has been accused of doing in the past because of his position and power. Some of the allegations that had been laid on him included him luring people into the hotel room to assault them or having a button near his table which would lock the doors to his cabin and then he would assault them.