#TrumpTheDisaster: Trump mocks disabled and sympathizes with sex traffickers, Internet calls him 'Putin's b***h'

The video includes a montage of unflattering clips of the President, including the shocking footage from the Portland protests

                            #TrumpTheDisaster: Trump mocks disabled and sympathizes with sex traffickers, Internet calls him 'Putin's b***h'
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MeidasTouch, a political action committee, has come up with a new anti-Trump advertisement, which has gone viral. On July 23, the media organization took to Twitter to upload a video, titled 'Donald Trump is a Disaster'. The video garnered 12,400 interactions and 15,400 likes when this article was published. The video includes a montage of unflattering clips of the President, including the shocking footage from the Portland protests earlier this week. Within minutes, the hashtag #TrumpTheDisaster was trending all over Twitter as users jumped on the bandwagon, commending the PAC for another impacting video, and slamming Trump for his "disastrous" moments. 

"The video includes shocking clips, including footage from this week, exemplifying the clumsily-walking, gibberishly-talking, twitter-balking, chicken-hawking, predatorily-stalking, disaster-incarnate that is Donald Trump," said the caption underneath the video on the MeidasTouch website. The voiceover leads the narrative of the 30-second video asking, "Who is Donald Trump? Well...he is a 'president'", and goes on to highlight some of the antagonizing things he's done in the past. He “mocks the disabled", the narrator speaks as video of Trump mocking a disabled reporter in 2016 plays in the background. Referring to White supremacists who constantly balk 'White power' over social media or offline, the video said he "praises racists".

In another clip depicting wounded soldiers of the American armed forces, it added that the president "attacks the military". It also alluded to the 53-year-old navy veteran who was beaten by the federal agents deployed in Portland on Trump's orders to suppress the protests, when he confronted them about what they were doing. He "protects criminals" and "sympathizes with sex traffickers" the video continues, showing news footage of Trump's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and his recent comment on Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest. When asked for a statement about Epstein's companion being imprisoned, he said "I just wish her well, frankly." The video concluded with the question "Who is Donald Trump" and answers it as well: “Donald Trump is a Disaster.”

A protest group called "Hot Mess" hold up signs of Jeffrey Epstein and President Donald Trump in front of the Federal courthouse on July 8, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

The responses from Twitter users were immediate and the MeidasTouch received praise for the video. Subsequently, numerous tweets featuring the tag #TrumpTheDisaster began pouring in. "Donald Trump, in every single thing that he does: 1) 'I am going to do an amazing job.' 2) [ruins absolutely everything] 3) [blames it on someone else] Every. Single. Time. #TrumpTheDisaster," a user wrote. "No compassion, no integrity, no understanding of history, no courage to admit failure, no fairness, no introspection, no respect, no humility, no vision, no transparency, no empathy, no patience, no planning, no leadership. #TrumpTheDisaster," another added. "Who needs a GOP Convention when you have your own Gestapo to help you destroy American Democracy altogether? #Maddow #GestapoTrump #TrumpTheDisaster," a user tweeted.

"#TrumpTheDisaster is Putin's Bitch. Brags about talking to him & MBS today but says nothing about bounties on troops or vaccine tech theft. But he sure declared a Cold War on China for the same thing & now says he doesn't care about that China Trade Deal to save farmers," said a user. "He's like if a hurricane and an earthquake had a gross baby. #TrumpTheDisaster," wrote another user in a tweet. "Because he is a complete idiot and a disgrace to this country, much less humanity #TrumpTheDisaster," a user commented. "The hashtag is #trumpthedisaster. But he’s not a natural disaster. He’s an unnatural disaster. So let’s just call him #unnatural and act accordingly," a peeved user quipped.

Although it was only formed recently, MeidasTouch has amassed the largest followings and most interactions among any PACs. It has become one of the most powerful grassroots movements for this election cycle. With the aim to defeat Trump, come November, the media organization makes impacting videos by spotlight the President's failures, lies, and creepy and reckless acts. After a poll was released on July 23 that showed Biden neck and neck with President Trump in Texas, MediasTouch announced that it would be expanding its ad buy to air the 'Donald Trump is a Disaster' video in the Lone Star State.

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