After vicious attacks in UK, Meghan and Harry branded as 'freeloaders' and 'hustlers' in the US media

A columnist said the Sussexes have cashed in on their royal identity without doing the needed duties

                            After vicious attacks in UK, Meghan and Harry branded as 'freeloaders' and 'hustlers' in the US media
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The first signs of the US media backlash against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are here. A columnist has slammed Prince Harry for 'dredging up his emotional chaos for the right price'.

Harry and Meghan Markle are slowly settling into their new life in Canada after announcing to the world that they are craving more privacy and a chance to live a normal life to raise their baby son, Archie. As the UK deals with the royal split, the US had been much more sympathetic to the couple. 

However, journalist Maureen Callahan of NY Post is among those who have turned on the pair after Prince Harry was seen speaking at a summit for JP Morgan Chase as opposed to focusing on activism. She called Harry and Meghan 'freeloaders' who have cashed in on their royal identity without doing the needed duties.

She also slammed them for not even pretending to live up to their green credentials.

"Just weeks after slamming the door on Buckingham Palace, declaring their suffering as wealthy, pampered, world-famous senior royals so unbearable that they must take their leave and flee to the Canadian woods in search of privacy, humility, a slower way of life, time to think about which noble eco-warrior causes to support (while flying private, of course)," she added.

She went on to slam the couple for "selling their goods and services — whatever those may be to the highest bidder."

"And since decamping Britain, they've been freeloading, staying indefinitely at a $14M (£10,724,490) Vancouver mansion (a deal brokered by music producer David Foster) and at Serena Williams' Palm Beach estate during a recent trip to Florida," she added.

She also believes that there is a double standard of allegedly being paid to speak about Princess Diana's death.

Last year, Harry had complained about the press coverage of his mother's life and the impact that it had on him. Callahan slammed Harry and said, "But for the right price, he'll dredge up all that deeply personal emotional chaos, held sacred for decades, to a room full of global powerbrokers — despite zero chance any of it will elucidate or ameliorate a single real-world problem."

In light of Harry's JP Morgan Summit speech, 'Good Morning Britain' host Piers Morgan had also slammed him for "constantly emoting in public speeches about his 'struggle' with his grief" and accused him of "commercially exploiting his mother's death to make vast pots of money".

Callahan also recalled the incident when Harry met Disney chief Bob Iger at a private event and asked him to hire Meghan for voiceover work. The columnist then went on to add, "Now you're just another hustler out to make a buck, and there’s nothing special about that."

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