Meghan Trainor and fiance Daryl Sabara just celebrated two full years of togetherness

Trainor and Sabara's relationship dates back to 2016, they were introduced by her friend, Chloe Grace Moretz post which they had gone on a double date with her and Brooklyn Beckham

                            Meghan Trainor and fiance Daryl Sabara just celebrated two full years of togetherness
Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara (Source:Getty Images)

Daryl Sabara is whipped! and so is his lady love Meghan Trainor clearly, from her adorable Instagram posts about the 'Spy Kids' actor and would you look at that they just celebrated their two-year anniversary too! And taking it to peak romantic goals, the two of them celebrated it by a short getaway trip to Hawaii where they enjoyed lots and lots of adventure tours and even a visit to Jurassic Park! What could be better than that!?

The 'All About That Bass' singer made sure to document every bit of their lovey-dovey trip acknowledging the relationship milestone, by posting it all on her Instagram account. And she even gave her fiance the sweetest ever shoutout! "Never been loved this much by anyone," she wrote as the caption for the video of Sabara fixing her make up. "Celebrated our 2 year anniversary in paradise. I Love you more than life @darylsabara. Thank you for being mine and for making sure my make up is always blended perfectly."

And Sabara himself was no less when it came to showing the singer a bounty share of love and appreciation from his own end. His post acknowledging the two blissful years of togetherness was captioned, "For two years now, every single day has gotten even better. I love you forever and always. Happy anniversary @meghan_trainor."

There was also an official anniversary gift involved from Sabara's end as he decided to gift Trainor with a very sparkly, very chic diamond ring, photos of which were posted on both his and her respective Instagram accounts. "Tryna show off my new ring @darylsabara got me," Meghan wrote, showcasing her man's gift to her fans and followers, via her Instagram story.

Sabara had proposed to Trainor on her 24th birthday back in December of last year, and it was every bit magical! He decided to pop the question under a tunnel glowing with Christmas lights. The big element of surprise in the occasion for Trainor was her whole family being present to savor the special moment with her. "I just kept screaming and crying, 'I'm a princess!' the entire night," she had shared with E!'s Daily Pop.

Trainor and Sabara's relationship dates back to 2016 when they just started dating. She had also shared with Daily Pop that the two were introduced by her friend, Chloe Grace Moretz, post which they had gone on a double date with her and her then beau, Brooklyn Beckham. After just a month of dating, Sabara had visited her on tour, where Trainor had indulged him in a private performance of "Marry Me." 

The rest was history of course, but for those interested in the deeper details on their cutesy relationship, Trainor had also opened up to Fox News how much she simply loves flaunting her engagement ring and how her engagement is 'so good'. “The love of my life is here somewhere supporting me and every single time we do the show, he’s always here with entire night, and he’s the best," she had shared with the outlet.

And that's not all  she even has a wedding season decided, as per her interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m thinking Christmas,” she said, explaining that the season is perfect because it is “nice and cold, so that when we dance and get sweaty we can, like, cool off, you know?”

Apart from a wedding planning being on full swing, Trainor is also busy being a judge on “The Four,”  with co-judges Sean “Diddy” Combs and DJ Khaled. Just last season, the show was hit with an unfortunate sexual harassment case and went from being four judges to three, as Republic Records executive Charlie Walk had to be let go off post the accusations against him came out.

“At first, yeah it was pretty difficult because I feel like Diddy and Khaled always agree, you know?” she had said of her dynamics trying to adjust to the two remaining judges. “But, nowadays Khaled is speaking up and he’s getting real serious. Diddy too, they’re being ruthless, I guess, is the best word, but that’s what we need for this competition to find the best of the best. But, they are definitely being real honest and we agree a lot of time, but sometimes I’ll have to stand up for some contestants.”

Speaking about what it takes to survive in the industry — especially as a newcomer — the Grammy Award-winner had shared with Page Sixx her own personal experience. “I think it’s easier to break. I mean, they’re both very difficult,” Trainor said speaking about the difficulty of not only becoming a star but staying at the top."

She continued, “But for me it was easier to break through than to sustain it, I’ve noticed. Because breaking through, I felt like I wasn’t working and they were just telling me, you have a number one! And, I was like on what, what do you mean? And nowadays, I’m like where are we?” 

But when she's not busy judging future music aspirants or planning a wedding, Trainor also makes sure to devote ample time into helping people — who much like her own self — suffer from anxiety. Late in June this year, she had revealed on the Today show that it was hearing the show's host, Carson Daly, speak out about his own anxiety, what had helped her with her own battle against it.

She had first come forward about her struggle with anxiety and depression earlier this year, but as per her own words, she had still struggled with expressing what living with anxiety feels like. But that changed once she heard Daly talk about his own issues on the same show.

"He'll never know how much his video helped me and my family," Trainor had told Today host Hoda Kotb. "I played [Daly's Today segment] for them and I was like, 'That's how I was feeling.' I just couldn't say it. It's hard to explain—it's the most confusing frustrating thing ever." Following up on her own experience, Trainor has decided to indulge in conversation and discourse on the topic to help people suffering from it.