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'Why is the sex so good?': Meghan King reveals ‘most incredible sex’ ever with mystery man 'Kenny'

'I think I’m in love with Kenny,' King admitted, adding they have been friends for long
Meghan King said after meeting for drinks, she ended up 'making out' with 'Kenny' (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Meghan King said after meeting for drinks, she ended up 'making out' with 'Kenny' (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Meghan King's 'most incredible sex' with a new mystery man is now trending as she gushed about her sex life in an episode of her 'Intimate Knowledge' podcast on Tuesday, October 18. 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' cast member, 33 said on the episode, "It was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had – I’m not exaggerating."

She added, "I’m so mind-blown by this that right before I got on my plane to come back, I called him, and I said, ‘I don’t understand. Why is the sex so good? Is this about lust?" Meghan described the mystery man as a seven-year-old male friend in Denver whom she dubbed "Kenny," reported Page Six.


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After Meghan revealed Kenny's name on her podcast, the news surfaced across all platforms. However the 38-year-old TV star took to Instagram and announced on her stories that it's all made up. She wrote on her Instagram story, "Remember, Kenny in Denver is a made-up name and place!

During the podcast, Meghan explained that she did not anticipate things developing romantically with "Kenny" because they had been friends for such a long time and she had only come to town to work on a business plan with another friend. However, after meeting for drinks, the two ended up "making out."

The TV star said she thought to herself, "This is so weird. This is a man I’ve known for seven years." During the same time, Meghan was having conversations with another man, whom she referred to as "Mike," whom she met on the exclusive dating app Raya. But when she went to see that suitor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she found that his "parenting style" had turned her off because the man allegedly "yells at his kids." 

King claimed that after going back to Denver to see "Kenny" once again, she and her new boyfriend began "making out" as "lost lovers." The mother-of-three claimed that after telling her friend-turned-lover she was "not in this for lust," but rather the "real deal," he reassured her, "I'll take care of you," and asked her to move.

King confessed, "I think I'm in love with Kenny," said he already knows her "crazy" and that since they had been friends for so long, everything was "easy." The TV star said, "I know this is new, I know I love love, I’m super scared, but I’ve heard of stories like this before and I’m very hopeful. So there you have it."