'The Au Pair Nightmare': Meet the cast of Lifetime movie in which they discover their darkest secrets

The film stars Brytnee Ratledge, Tristan Thomas and Anne Heise in pivotal roles

                            'The Au Pair Nightmare': Meet the cast of Lifetime movie in which they discover their darkest secrets

'The Au Pair Nightmare' follows a 22-year-old who signs up as an au pair for a family after the tragic death of her fiance Brad. The movie releases on Lifetime and it's official premise reads, "Looking to escape her past, Taylor applies to be the Au Pair for a well-to-do, small-town family. Invited into their world, Taylor (Brytnee) starts to suspect her ver private, new employers - Dr. Caleb and his wife Allesandra (portrayed by Tristan and Anne) are hiding something and her curiosity quickly puts her directly in their crosshairs. Now, she will have to discover her darkest secret if she has any hope of making it out of her new home alive!"

The film is scheduled to release on May 17, 2020, at 8:00 pm on Lifetime, and here is all you need to know about the main cast played by Brytnee Ratledge, Tristan Thomas, and Anne Heise

Brytnee Ratledge

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the 27-year-old actress's passion for the entertainment  industry sparked when she was still a child. Ratledge was involved in community theatre for most of her childhood. Her first feature film was 'The Last Stand' after which she decided to fully pursue acting for film and television. She has many roles to her credit including co-starring roles on Netflix's 'Longmire', ABC's 'Killer Women', and El Rey's 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series', according to IMDb. In 2016, Ratledge landed a principal role on Black Label Media's 'Granite Mountain' and a lead role on Lifetime's 'Be My Baby'. That very same year, she was named Best Actress at The Albuquerque 48 Hour Horror Film Festival for her work as Becky on 'Truth/Dare'. Brytnee currently shuttles between Los Angeles and Albuquerque. She has been dating actor Kenneth Miller for 3 years now. Apart from being a doting girlfriend, she's also a doting aunt and a wonderful pet mother to a beautiful dog, and her Instagram is proof of the same. 

Tristan Thomas

Thomas is an actor, musician, theater artist, a highly- skilled voice artist as well as a public speaker. Since a very young age, the actor identified his love for the performing arts, according to his website. 

After attending Penn State University, he moved to New York City to study with renowned acting and vocal coaches to develop his stage work. His first notable theater role was in the long-running Off-Broadway hit, 'Tony and Tina’s Wedding', an audience interactive play, where he honed his improv and comedy skills. It was with that show where he made his first appearance on a Broadway stage. Shortly thereafter, he worked on the daytime drama 'The Guiding Light', and appeared in the film 'The Thomas Crown Affair', which ultimately led him to Hollywood. Since then, Tristan has starred, guest-starred, and appeared in a variety of film and television shows, including 'The Perfect Sleep', 'General Hospital', 'For Your Love', and Aaron Spelling’s classic hit, '7th Heaven'.

Tristan is also a multi-instrumentalist who has written, composed and produced, and is a seasoned vocalist and recording artist. Having explored almost all genres of music, he is considered one of the most diverse vocalists in the Los Angeles music scene. 

Anne Heise 

Anne is known for her roles in hit television series like ‘The Blacklist’, ‘Go On’ and ‘Madoff’.

Apart from being an actor, Anne is also the founder and designer of her brand 'Two Bits Equestrian'. She founded the brand after having personally faced trouble finding something flattering and functional to wear over her riding shirts. According to the T.B.E website, the brand uses fabrics that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Anne also ensures healthy working conditions for those weaving & sewing her clothes. While creating the brand, she ensured it was over-all non-toxic and healthy for the environment and the people wearing it. She is also a design consultant with interior designing groups Annie Aldean Design Consulting and SweisKloss. She's also a parent to a horse named Oliver and a cat named Kiki. Check them out on her Instagram page.

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