Meet the Duggars: Anna Duggar gushes about husband Josh, says the last decade has been 'a wonderful adventure'

Anna and Josh Duggar are extremely grateful for all the blessings and Anna shared a series of family photos on her Instagram account to celebrate the last 10 years

                            Meet the Duggars: Anna Duggar gushes about husband Josh, says the last decade has been 'a wonderful adventure'
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Anna Duggar is being extremely grateful for all the blessings in her life. The wife of Josh Duggar recently shared a series of family photos on her Instagram account as she reflected on the past ten years of her life and what a "wonderful adventure" it all has been for her and her family so far.

The mother-of-five captioned the post: “June was an exciting month for our family: Marcus, Michael and I are are officially a year older + Josh and I celebrated our 10 year engagement anniversary!”  In addition to the cute pictures of her children, Anna also posted a photo of Josh kissing her on the forehead. “The past 10 years have been a wonderful adventure,” she continued. “So thankful for God’s redeeming grace and His blessings to us along the way, especially our 5 M’s!”

The last decade had definitely been filled with both ups and downs for the couple, especially after their marriage was rocked and left completely shaken by a scandal in 2015.

After Josh’s extended stay at a faith-based rehabilitation center, the couple decided the best way forward was to attend a marriage counseling session to recover from their difficult year, as per People.

Last year in March, the couple announced the happy news of them expecting their fifth child together, adding more members to the forever extending family. “For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust. We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time,” they wrote in a joint statement.

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year. Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!”

And in September, their baby boy  Mason Garrett, who is now 9-months-old, was born. The couple has four other children together: Mackynzie Renée, 8, and Meredith, 2, Michael, 7, and Marcus, 5.

“We are so thankful and happy to announce the arrival of our new son, Mason Garrett Duggar. Both he and Anna are doing well. He arrived today without complication and we already adore him,” they wrote in a blog post announcing Mason’s birth. 

“The entire family is ecstatic over the arrival of another beautiful blessing. We want to thank everyone for your prayers, kind words and well wishes. We appreciate it much more than we could ever express. We pray God blesses each of you with an abundance of the kindness you’ve shown us.”

And it would so seem that happiness and merriment are now making their way back to the Duggar family, as they welcomed another new member into their huge family over the weekend. As per reports, Josiah Duggar and his girlfriend Lauren Swanson pulled a neat trick and got married last weekend. There is also an official confirmation since Josiah's parents Jim Bob and Michelle also posted the news on their family website. 

“What a joy it is to be husband and wife!” the couple told the outlet in a statement. “Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! … We are so thankful the Lord has brought us to this place and we can’t wait to begin our journey as husband and wife!"

The happy couple's parents also wrote a heartfelt message while announcing their son's marriage to the world. “God has richly blessed us by adding Lauren to our family. We know He has great plans for them and we are overjoyed that He has brought them together."

"Thank you to all for prayers and support as Josiah and Lauren start their journey together,” they wrote.

Josiah and Lauren were first linked together when the duo was traveling with the Duggar clan on their trip to Australia. Without wasting any more time, they announced their courtship, few months after returning to the States.

However, when fans couldn't believe the claims of Josiah dating Lauren, the entire Duggar family, in their own traditional style, released one of their traditional welcoming videos which saw Jim Bob and Michelle do most of the talking (as usual there was a lot said about Jesus too).

By the time the video came out, Josiah and Lauren had pretty much fallen into the usual Duggar family pattern of courtships. Although, it did come with its own share of subtle differences as compared to the previous family courtships.

Speaking about the Duggar family members, it was recently revealed that 'Counting On' star John David Duggar is courting his girlfriend Abbie Grace Burnett as confirmed by the couple themselves. The couple is very much in love and says that they have known each other for many years. 

The 28-year-old reality TV star said, "Abbie and I are just so excited, we’ve known of each other for several years. We fell in love very quickly and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far. And it’s been a wonderful journey thus far and taking the next step to move onto a courtship." When asked where their first love bloomed, Abbie shared,"John flew in for a church event here in Oklahoma where I’m from. We really got connected then."

The son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is courting Abbie Grace Burnett, the family announced on the Duggar website. In a joint statement, the happy parents shared,"We are so excited to announce the courtship of John David and Abbie! John David brings our hearts so much joy and we’ve watched him faithfully pray, wait, and trust God for the right girl to come along! Now, a beautiful relationship has blossomed between the two of them. We can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in the future".