Mayim Bialik teases fans with pics of Amy and Sheldon's wedding in Big Bang Theory

Mayim Bialik teases fans with pics of Amy and Sheldon's wedding in Big Bang Theory
Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory (Source : Getty Images)

All you Big Bang Theory fans out there, the day you had been waiting for is getting closer and closer and thanks to Mayim Bialik, we now have an idea about what to expect from Amy and Sheldon's wedding which is said to take place in its season 11 finale. 

Taking to social media on Monday (April 23), Mayim, who plays the part of Amy, shared a few pictures of what one can expect to see when the wedding episode will air. The first picture that the actress shared on her Twitter account showed Amy dressed in a white gown with some matching shoes while Sheldon, who is played by Jim Parsons, opted for polished black shoes but did not forget to add a pinch of "Sheldon" to the attire with the Flash logo on his socks. 

Mayim captioned the picture as "Hers and His #shamy #wedding @bigbangtheory" Meanwhile, she shared another picture which has us convinced that she will be wearing her tiara, which was given to her by Sheldon on her birthday. If you have seen the episode, you will probably remember how happy her character had become upon receiving it and what better way to show it off than her own wedding. 


Amy and Sheldon's wedding has been one of the most awaited moments of the show. Previously, the episode where the pair finally decided to have sex, or what Sheldon likes to call "Coitus", was one of the most watched episodes of the television series. 

It is believed that the same would be true for their wedding knowing that Sheldon happens to be a character who was not too fond of dating or even the idea of marriage. It would be lovely to see how his character evolves after he gets married to the love of his life, Amy. At the same time, fans expressed their excitement over the episode and quickly flooded the comment section of Mayim's post. 

"OMG! Shamy is the best! Waiting for the final episode of this season," one fan wrote. Another probably helped the pair with deciding the venue for the event as the comment read, "Would love to see the wedding taking place in elevator and end of the season." The wedding will take place during the May 10 Big Bang season finale. 

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