Matthew Coleman: QAnon dad who killed his kids over 'serpent DNA' faces death penalty

Matthew Coleman has been charged with the murders of his two-year-old son and his 10-month-old daughter

                            Matthew Coleman: QAnon dad who killed his kids over 'serpent DNA' faces death penalty
Matthew Coleman (R) reportedly killed his son, 2, and his 10-month-old daughter (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images, Instagram/@matthewtaylorcoleman)

The QAnon dad who reportedly killed his two children believing they were "serpent monsters" could now face the death penalty.

Forty-year-old Matthew Coleman has been charged with the murders of his two-year-old son and his 10-month-old daughter. Earlier this month, we reported how conspiracy group QAnon had come up with yet another absurd claim that the devastating Hurrican Ida was a man-made deep state conspiracy theory.

In the past, the loosely-tied group has spread claims like the Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking rings or that former President Donald Trump was working hard to take down the so-called "deep state" or the military-industrial complex in Washington.


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"The indictment filed today charges Coleman with two counts of foreign first-degree murder of United States nationals," the Department of Justice said in a statement on Wednesday, September 8. "By law, the charges are eligible for the death penalty. The Attorney General will decide whether to seek the death penalty at a later date."

Coleman, who owns a surfing school in California, reportedly admitted to the FBI that he killed the two kids in Mexico. "The murder of a child is difficult to understand under any circumstances," explained Kristi K Johnson, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office. Acting US Attorney Randy Grossman added, "There are no words to describe the profound grief that envelops an entire community when a child is murdered. The Department of Justice is determined to achieve justice for these victims and their loved ones."

According to an affidavit filed by the federal agency, Coleman confessed to agents that he took his son and daughter to Rosarito, Mexico, and fatally shot them with a "spear-fishing gun" to their chests. The Santa Barbara dad told investigators that "he believed his children were going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them," court records stated.

Coleman, who was detained at a border checkpoint after his wife reported him missing last month, reportedly told an FBI agent that "he was enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and was receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife, AC, possessed serpent DNA and passed it on to his children," the affidavit stated.

Coleman's wife told police that her husband had taken the children and left in the family's van, and that she wasn't sure where they were going. Nonetheless, she was confident her children weren't in any danger and that there was no argument between them before he left, the affidavit stated.


According to The Sun, Coleman had called his children "treasures" in a photo three months before their tragic deaths. He and the kids reportedly checked into a hotel in Rosarito and were seen in CCTV footage leaving the premises before dawn days later. Coleman was seen alone when he returned to the hotel and was detained at a border entry point in San Diego later that day.

The children's bodies were reportedly discovered by a farm worker on Monday at a ranch near Rosarito in Baja California. Coleman's phone's location was found to be in Rosarito on Sunday, and the following day it was traced to the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, per the affidavit.

Coleman was well aware of the consequences of his actions, California's Attorney General Hiram Sanchez noted. "We are talking about someone who was educated and had degrees," he said. "It was clear to him of the consequences he could face for the actions he was taking."

The horror father reportedly admitted to the authorities that he knew taking the lives of his own children was wrong, but it was "the only course of action that would save the world," per the affidavit. Coleman is reportedly the founder of Lovewater surfing school in Santa Barbara, California.

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