Lifetime's 'Maternal Secrets' is the perfect combination of thrill and mystery in a visually stunning backdrop

The network's latest movie ticks off all ingredients that a good thriller needs, coupled with a whole lot of visual treats

                            Lifetime's 'Maternal Secrets' is the perfect combination of thrill and mystery in a visually stunning backdrop
Kate Mansi as Aubrey (Lifetime)

Spoiler alert

Lifetime just released its all-new thriller movie that deals with love, conspiracy, parent-child relationships and everything in between.

'Maternal Secrets' opens with Jackson Lewis (Sean Stolzen), a rising political star and the newly elected senator for Delaware. After the initial pleasantries and formalities of his character, the story moves onto the beautiful and exotic islands of Bermuda, where Jackson goes for a vacation with his lady love, Aubrey (Kate Mansi).

However, what was supposed to be the ultimate leisure time for the couple turns out to be the worst experience of their lives. This is where the audience is in for an ultimate visual delight before they are presented with the horror that is the core story.

It has been 25 long years since a movie was completely shot in Bermuda. The golden, sandy beaches and the bright sunny landscape lets you soak in the tropical vibes right there.

The cinematography is a heavy contrast to the story and what's coming. Perhaps, that is what makes the experience of the movie better. When you least expect something dark to happen, it catches you off guard while you are lost in the visuals and puts you right in the middle of a suspicious scenario.

Jackson suddenly disappears and Aubrey fails in her attempts to find him. With Rose (Kelly McGillis) showing up as Jackson's estranged mother, it throws Aubrey off and makes her vacation go haywire. And if this was any less, there is also the entry of an ex-lover of Jackson, which further thickens the plot. 

What follows is a complex web of trust, betrayal, lies and mind games for Aubrey. By this point, Kate Mansi, who plays Aubrey has established her character well enough.

Her experience as an actor reflects in her performance of a pregnant, distressed partner and lover, who is also resolved to find her way to the truth, no matter what the consequences. And while we are talking about performance, one cannot ignore the experience and expertise that comes from an industry veteran like McGillis.

If one could see through the casting, they would realize that this is an out and out female-led thriller, where the protagonist and the antagonist are both women. And without the typical violence or action that you would expect in a classic drama thriller, or at least in most of them, the movie manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.  

‘Maternal Secrets’ is a thriller at its best, packing all the right ingredients, strong cast, and very impressive cinematography and not to mention, the right twist of tales at the end, making it a complete package.

'Maternal Secrets' airs on Lifetime on May 9.

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