'Match Me Abroad' on TLC: Meet the singles and the matchmakers helping them find true love

'Match Me Abroad' on TLC: Meet the singles and the matchmakers helping them find true love
TLC's 'Match Me Abroad' will see matchmakers helping singles find their true love in another country (ninakharoufeh/instagram)

There are no boundaries when it comes to the pursuit of true love. It is not unusual for people stuck in a dating rut to look for happiness beyond their own country. However, entering the international dating scene can be intimidating. In order to assist these romantics in finding their soul mates, professional matchmakers step in and start pulling out all the stops. TLC's newest offering, 'Match Me Abroad', sees a group of talented matchmakers trying to match a set of singles with their soul mates beyond their country.

We follow three matchmakers and six individuals as they search for true love across different continents and cultures on the TLC dating show. These matchmakers will try their best to make sure their clients can find their soulmate, whether it takes them to the bustling metropolis of Colombia, the picturesque landscapes of Morocco or the cobbled alleyways of Prague.


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Who are the singles? 


A 41-year-old "starving artist" from New Mexico, Harold, has, at last, found a job that enables him to pursue his interests in rock collecting and art. However, without a specific somebody to share it with, his life still feels empty. He is clear about what he wants, and that is a spouse who will value his eccentricities and creative energy. He has autism and after three failed engagements, he is looking overseas for love.




 A self-described "feminist princess" from North Carolina, Michelle is 34 and on a quest to get in touch with her European heritage. She wants a companion who respects her contemporary views on gender roles and values her brains and independence, but she's not just searching for any man. 




Susan, 52, is a New Yorker searching for love with a Latin hottie to help her find a new beginning in life. However, she is a woman with strong opinions, and she won't accept anything less than ideal. Her list of must-haves includes, among other things, a full head of hair and a pleasant personality.



Nathaly, a 25-year-old from California, is prepared to upend her romantic situation. She knows it won't be simple to find love in Colombia because of her strict Sri Lankan mother, but she's prepared to take a chance. She is looking for someone who can keep up with her exuberant nature and who also has a sense of adventure. 


Tennessee native Chad, 38, is a man on a mission. He's eager to meet his Colombian princess and begin a new chapter in his life. He is prepared to put the past behind him and concentrate on meeting the woman of his dreams after three failed engagements. However, he is not just looking for any woman, he is looking for someone who will complement his life with his mother and dogs at home. 



Stanika, a 32-year-old from Mississippi, has never been in a committed relationship before. However, that doesn't mean that she hasn't worked hard to come to terms with who she was and what she valued in a partner. She is prepared to meet a hot and self-assured Moroccan man who shares her values and interests now that she has a newfound feeling of self-confidence.


A 44-year-old from Arizona, Mark plans to marry a Moroccan woman and raise a family in the US. Despite his lack of familiarity with Moroccan culture, he is attracted to the women's charm and beauty. 


Here are the matchmakers

Nina Kharoufeh

Nina Kharoufeh's distinctive skills enables her to pair Arabs with Americans thanks to her Palestinian heritage and upbringing in Jersey. She is a tremendous benefit to her clients because of her unrivaled success rate and in-depth knowledge of cultural differences. She will be seen aiding Stanika and Mark find their significant other.



Juan Nino

Colombian matchmaker Juan Nino is passionate about bringing together different cultures and assisting his clients in finding an ideal soulmate. He employs a holistic strategy, encouraging his clients to focus on themselves along with dating. He will assist Susan, Nathaly and Chad in finding the perfect partner.

Katarina Memcova

Matchmaker Katarina Memcova, who is based in Prague, is renowned for working tirelessly to bring couples together. She is dedicated to assisting her clients in achieving the happiness they deserve and has an outstanding 80% success rate. She will be helping Michelle and Harold on the show.


These three matchmakers just might be able to assist their clients in finding their happily ever after with their commitment and knowledge.

'Match Me Abroad' Season 1 is available on discovery+ and TLC. 

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 'Match Me Abroad' on TLC: Meet the singles and the matchmakers helping them find international love