'MasterChef' Season 10 fans feel Nick DiGiovanni should have won the competition instead of Dorian Hunter

'MasterChef' Season 10 fans feel Nick DiGiovanni should have won the competition instead of Dorian Hunter

Dorian Hunter has been crowned as the winner of 'MasterChef' Season 10. But fans of the show are somewhat divided over the results. While many are happy for her victory, others feel that Nick DiGiovanni deserved to win over Dorian.

Nick garnered a lot of fans for his "out-of-the-box" ideas and for constantly taking risks. He has always experimented and pushed himself in the kitchen.

Dorian had stuck to her southern style of home cooking and while her food appears to be great and homely, it lacks the creativity and boldness which Nick brought to the table, feel fans.

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment. One fan expressed, "I feel bummed!!! Nick was better all night long!!! Dorian was basic!! Not sure how I feel about watching another season of #Masterchef ...nick was robbed".

Fans also did not appreciate the way Nick was eliminated. He was eliminated thanks to a surprise twist the judges threw midway through the challenge. They announced that one of the contestants would be eliminated immediately after the entrees round.

Nick, who cooked sea bass and served it on a book, was appreciated for his beautiful presentation, but one of the judges got an undercooked fish, which led to his elimination. On the other hand, the judges were unhappy with Sarah's vegetables too.

Fans feel that Nick deserved the win more than anyone else (Greg Gayne/FOX)

Hence fans felt that Nick should have stayed and Sarah should have been eliminated. One fan wrote, "How TF do you cut Nick at F3? I guess Gordon, Aaron & Joe are fine with a #MasterChef that plays it safe. For the 'incredibly difficult and prestigious' 10th season no less! I love Dorian & Sarah but Nick was more deserving. I just don't get the judge's mindset. #MasterchefFinale".

Another fan expressed their unhappiness with the judges' decision by tweeting, “#MasterChef @MASTERCHEFonFOX #HUGE MISTAKE TO MAKE NICK LEAVE!! How ridiculous to save Sarah who brought back the first dish&Dorian that makes home food. Hello? 'It's Season 10' you say every chance you get! #ridiculous Season! #Disappointed #WakeUp Turn off TV after Nick leaves."

Although Nick couldn't win the title, he got something more valuable — an opportunity to be mentored by none other than judge Joe Bastianich. Joe saw potential in Nick and offered to take him under his wings.

Fans were happy about the move and one shared, "Nick may not have won but that was hell of a consolation prize. #MasterChef".

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