'Master of None' season 3: Netflix's 'Right Now' proves Aziz Ansari is camera-ready

Netflix has been hesitant to announce ‘Master of None’ season 3 after Aziz Ansari found himself in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations.

                            'Master of None' season 3: Netflix's 'Right Now' proves Aziz Ansari is camera-ready

2018 saw many men in power getting called out by women for their inappropriate behavior. Not everyone knew how to deal with the new wave of victims and their allies who would not cover in fear. Among those who did not know how to deal with the new reality was Netflix, which, for a while, tried to take the side of ‘The Ranch’ actor Danny Masterson, who has four rape allegations leveled against him by multiple women.

However, the streaming network is clearly not taking any chances after the backlash that followed their attempts of moving on with the production of the series as if nothing was wrong. Aziz Ansari was among the men who were accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. Even though his case had a polarizing effect on the metoo and timesup movements, Netflix has been hesitant to announce season 3 of Ansari’s show ‘Master of None'.

The comedy-drama is one of the most popular shows on the streaming giant and it is pretty evident that it is nothing but the allegations against Ansari that forced Netflix to hold. When it seemed like Netflix might cut off all ties with the comedian, it surprised us with the announcement of a stand-up special – Aziz Ansari’s ‘Right Now.’


Ansari’s fans, who did not find it right that he gets punished by the 'Hollywood elite', were obviously happy with the announcement and the subsequent show. As always, his comedy was appreciated and his comments were insightful. However, we could not help but wonder if this was Netflix’s way of testing the waters, to see if the audience is ready to welcome Ansari back.

His comedic genius was never in question, only his standing as a 'woke comedian'. As it turns out, that reputation is intact as well. ‘Right Now’ has received mostly positive feedback, but what most people want to know is when ‘Master of None’ season 3 will be back.

If Netflix’s intention was to find out how much the world misses Ansari, they were successful. They have found out just how much most viewers are looking forward to ‘Master of  None’ season 3, and we will not be surprised if Netflix makes an announcement for the same in the coming days.

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