'MasterChef' USA season 10: Fans have no time for Dorian's tantrums and call her out for being rude to Subha

Dorian, one of the participants on the show, was very rude and hostile towards a fellow participant Subha, in the previous episode. This triggered the fans, and they called out Dorian on her irresponsible behavior.

                            'MasterChef' USA season 10: Fans have no time for Dorian's tantrums and call her out for being rude to Subha

This season of ‘MasterChef America’ has just aired nine episodes, and there is already plenty of drama cooking alongside the yummy dishes. Subha Ramiah, an R&D director by profession from New York found himself at the center of it. It all began with the fourth episode when the participants were divided into two teams- red and blue. Both the teams were assigned with the challenge of cooking for a party of 100, comprising of VIPs, previous ‘MasterChef’ winners, and contestants.

The blue team had Noah as the leader and had eight team members including Subha. The blue team won the challenge, but captain Noah was asked to nominate a member of his team who would be facing elimination round alongside the losing red team. Noah had picked Subha who felt it was unfair. He managed to make his way through the elimination challenge, which included two pressure tests of breaking down a chicken and cooking a chicken dish. While he failed the pressure test, he managed to clear the cooking chicken and proceeded to the next round.

In the ninth episode, the participants were given the challenge of replicating a platter of six dishes and make a dish of their own in pairs with the teammates switching out every ten minutes in a tag team challenge.  Dorian and Subha were paired together. This pair had a lot of trouble. Dorian kept yelling at Subha and was generally rude to him. She was seen getting worked up, angrily slamming things around and rudely talking to Subha. Though the duo managed to secure their place to the next round, fans found Dorian’s treatment of Subha appalling and inexcusable. Several fans also felt that Subha's segments were being edited to make him look like an idiot. 

A fan wrote, “Subha was caricatured to be a bumbling idiot, and there were moments where interactions were edited in that made him appear aggressive too. One example is when Gordon Ramsay was giving Dorian a peptalk, and an abrupt clip of Subha shouting was interjected; had he truly interrupted in this moment, Gordon would have called him out. Dorian showed no respect and was prejudiced from the start. I do not watch the show as much as my wife but am disappointed to see how Subha was targeted. I believe that some of his ethnic mannerisms were focused on to make him appear horrible, and that act of xenophobia is the last thing North America needs in its media.” 
“Dorian's attitude was incredibly frustrating to watch and really inappropriate. From the minute she was paired with Subha she was already talking negatively about working with him. And the total meltdown that ensued... she wouldn't even communicate to him”, wrote a fan chiding Dorian’s unprofessional behavior.

Subha, however, doesn't seem to hold any hard feelings towards any of his fellow participants. Since the airing of the episode, Subha posted on Instagram a message thanking his fans for their love and support and also cleared out the air saying that all the participants share a great rapport.

He wrote a lengthy Instagram post clarifying what took place on sets in the past couple of episodes. (Source: Instagram)

He addressed fans saying " Dear Masterchef Fans, WOW! Let me start with what my mom and dad instilled on us as I grew up in Chennai India. Always be respectful of fellow humans you interact with, be polite, understand the situation you are in from their perspective. If everyone was similar, it would be a boring robotic world. Culture, ethnicity, diversity, language, food, music, places and people are what makes this beautiful world. HATE destroys us LOVE unites us." 

He further added how his teammate Noah and he are good friends and after the former learned more about him - he respects him now. Clearing the air about Dorian's behavior he wrote: "Dorian and I are friends outside the kitchen. We talked before the episode and after the episode. She has more respect for me and I understand what happened to her that day!"

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