'The Masked Singer' Season 3 Finale: Bow Wow took his Frog mask off and fans are glad he came third

The audiences at home knew it was Bow Wow under the amphibian mask since the beginning

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 3 Finale: Bow Wow took his Frog mask off and fans are glad he came third
Bow Wow/The Frog (FOX)

The finale night has begun with The Frog, The Turtle and Night Angel taking the stage one last time to deliver a performance that would guarantee a win. The second runner up on the show was The Frog and it was revealed that the audiences were correct with their guess this whole time when Bow Wow emerged from under the mask. 

The first performer up on the finale stage was The Frog. Before taking to the stage, he mentioned that he's had a lot of hate directed at him on social media in his initial days and that had led to him losing all the confidence but he's in a better space now and his stint on the show has added to it. Viewers could see that he had come into his own when today on the episode he mentioned that he has enough vocal chops as a rapper just as much as any other singer on the show. 

He then took to stage with his performance on P. Diddy's track 'Bad Boys For Life' and brought the house down with his dynamic stage presence and incredible dance moves. He got a lot of praise from the judges after his performance. They even commended his ability to jump up and down the stage with those dance moves while never being out of breath during his performance. The Frog also mentioned that he's not always been a dancer till he got on the show. 

It was time for judges to take their guesses for The Frog's identity and Jenny McCarthy latched on the 'No Limits' clue and went with Lil Romeo as her guess. Ken Jeong thought it could be Kid Cudi stating that Cudi is an amazing performer and a good rapper. Nicole mentioned she was thinking Omarion till before the Frog mentioned he got a lot of hate online. This left her to change her guess to MC Hammer. 

The audiences at home have never been a fan of the Frog and his finale performance too did not impress them. "The 12th boring-ass performance from the basic ass frog. he doesn’t deserve to be in the finals," wrote a fan. 

"The frog is not giving a finale worthy performance right now...," said another.

After his elimination one of the fans wrote, "OMG! Frog got 3rd place! I’m so excited! Haha. No offense, but he showed no versatility & rapped the entire time. Yea, he had a good stage presence with the dancing & energy, but it’s called The Masked SINGER."

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