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Maryland girl, 14, attacks another student in school cafetaria with ten-inch knife in TERRIFYING VIDEO

A school officer jumped in on time to save the girl as the whole scary incident was captured on video
Screenshots from the graphic video (Facebook/ Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD - Integrity Driven • Community Built)
Screenshots from the graphic video (Facebook/ Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD - Integrity Driven • Community Built)

FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND: A female teenager is facing charges for allegedly trying to harm another student with a ten-inch kitchen knife. The 14-year-old alleged suspect, whose name has not been revealed because of her young age, was reportedly about to pounce at another school girl in the cafeteria when a school officer jumped in saved her.

The alleged incident happened in October 7 at Governor Thomas Johnson High School. It has been said that the attacker was eventually arrested and pressed with "first degree assault, second-degree assault, resisting arrest, disturbing school operations, affray, dangerous weapon on school property and reckless endangerment," The Daily Mail reported.


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The disturbing video of the alleged incident was released on the Facebook page of Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD - Integrity Driven • Community Built, which showed Deputy First Class Dustin Turner intervening in time to stop the girl from harming the other student. The video also showed the girl attempting hard to escape the clutch of the officer.


Initial reports said the suspect had planned to harm numerous students in the cafeteria, but later authorities stated that “as we continue the investigation, it appears this was an isolated incident between two students in the cafeteria," The Frederick News Post reported. In a statement, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins hailed Turner and said, “DFC Turner's quick and decisive actions prevented any students or staff from being harmed during this incident. The FCSO SRO program, recognized statewide, once again proves to be worthwhile. I am extremely proud of the professional men and women deputies serving the more than 70 Frederick County Public Schools.”

Meanwhile, a lot of people have reacted to the social media video as a user posted, “She had a knife in school…nothing else needs to be said. The officer was 100% correct and got control of the situation. I’m sick of this nonsense. Crime has exploded in our schools and our country. Time to get tough again - consequences.” The second user wrote, “Wow! Student with knife in school! No other details needed. This could have been so much worse. Thank you the SRO for stopping this before it escalated any further. 😥”

The third user commented, “Great job deputy. Goes to show we absolutely NEED SRO’s in our schools. If you don’t think so move down to Montgomery county where your child won’t be safe.” “Something clearly provoked this and the school should consider intervening before it gets to this point. There are always signs but most people ignore them until the situation escalates,” the fourth user suggested.

“I saw the officer disarm a subject quickly and then kept her from hurting herself or anyone else. Fantastic job!” a comment stated and another one added, “I hope she's not allowed back in school that's horrible I'm glad no one was hurt she Certainly can't control herself.”

A person wrote, “The officer did what needed to be done quickly and effectively. The student made it difficult.” Another person shared: “So glad we have our SROs. Glad this was stopped immediately and wasn’t worse. Thank FCSO for all you do!!”

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