'Mary Poppins Returns': Emily Blunt is Oscar-worthy say early viewers, critics

The LA premiere of the upcoming movie happened Thursday night and critics, actors, and other film enthusiasts pointed out this is the one film we needed the most right now

                            'Mary Poppins Returns': Emily Blunt is Oscar-worthy say early viewers, critics

It's official: Emily Blunt has done it again. Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it again too. And, so has Rob Marshall! A couple of days ago we had assembled some of the finest bits of the upcoming 'Mary Poppins Returns' film that was sure to make it a hit with the fans, despite Julie Andrews not returning for even a little cameo for the revival film.

And, by the looks of it, we weren't wrong. Not nearly, going by the early viewers. Most reactions gushed about how equally iconic Blunt's Mary Poppins is, and serving as her perfect sidekick in the film, Miranda, is no less spectacular!

The Los Angeles premiere of the upcoming movie happened this Thursday night, and as of now, social media had pretty much blown up with critics, actors, and other film enthusiasts alike pointing out how this is the one film we needed the most especially with everything going on under the sun currently. For starters, Nick Kazdan believes 'Mary Poppins Returns' is “enjoyable as heck and pays the original justice,” while screenwriter Gary Goldstein stated the film was “deserving of its standing ovation”.


Actor Josh Gad kept it short and sweet, sharing: "Believe the hype. Wow." But he followed it up with another tweet later, saying: "Let’s try this again. Cannot get #MaryPoppinsReturns out of my head. It’s the movie the world needs right now and #EmilyBlunt and @Lin_Manuel are truly out of this world."

While Blunt's performance and the film made her husband, actor John Krasinski tear up, 'Hamilton' creator, Miranda, was back at it again with some eagerly anticipated rapping. The film has several other familiar faces to brag about too. There's Colin Firth, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, and to top it all, Meryl Streep too - making it the musical of the year, and seemingly at par with the 1964 original.

Blunt's performance has even gotten people talking about how Oscar-worthy she is as the Mary Poppins of this generation. The Playlist’s awards prognosticator, Gregory Ellwood, shared she “is absolutely superb and her performance puts her smack dab in the middle of the Best Actress race.”

And, for those wondering what a stellar job director Marshall must have done, yet again, Miranda would have you assured that it's remarkable. “I think [he’s] the best at making movie musicals...to get to build an original musical and to watching him do it has been one of the great learning experiences of my life," said the actor who plays the role of Jack, the street lamplighter. 

Here's what the rest of the fans had to say ahead of the film's December 19 release.







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