'Mary Poppins Returns': Here's all the reasons why the revival movie already looks epic

Blunt's husband, John Krasinski, cried while watching the film. With Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping and a brilliant soundtrack accompanied by impeccable costumes, we aren't surprised!

                            'Mary Poppins Returns': Here's all the reasons why the revival movie already looks epic

There might not be Julie Andrews reprising her iconic, timeless character in the upcoming 'Mary Poppins Returns', but that doesn't make the reboot any less special. So far, what we do know is that the Rob Marshall-directed revival film will be starring Emily Blunt as the new Mary Poppins, and she is joined by 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will play the role of Jack, the street lamplighter. But while there won't even be a little cameo featuring Andrews, there are plenty of other things about the film that should work as your daily dosage of 'spoonful of sugar' for the era.

First things first - Emily Blunt! With her crisp accent, and impeccable acting skills, we already know if there's one person who could portray the gentle, nurturing side of the character with a dash of poise, and sternness, it would be her. Blunt's past roles have already showcased what an expert she is at striking the perfect equilibrium with her roles, and by the looks of it, trailers and teaser snippets have given us ample reason to believe there couldn't be a better, more suitable Mary Poppins for this generation.

Second, the soundtrack! Blunt's acting expertise is also accompanied by her strong vocal skills - examples of which we got from her previous Oscar-nominated film, 'Into the Woods'. Let's add to that the brilliant job done by the Sherman brothers in the 1964 original of 'Mary Poppins,' which blessed generations down the line with some iconic songs that were so simple, yet so catchy

Let's add to that the third, and one of the most important ingredients - Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping! That's right, the 'Hamilton' creator confirmed not so long ago he was indeed going to rap once again for the upcoming reboot film and ever since, fans have been stoked enough to not shut up about it online. As producer Marc Platt confirmed to CinemaBlend, "He sings. He dances. And, believe it or not, 1934 music hall style he even gets to do a little rap. It's quite extraordinary."

Also, if you're concerned about the aesthetic quotient of the film with its setting and style, worry not. Costume designer Sandy Powell recently shared with The Hollywood Reporter, in her attempt at bringing a "nostalgic style" to the sequel, Powell went to lengths of actually creating 448 different outfits for the characters. "I wanted each person to have a very significant look, like in a children's picture book," the three-time Academy Award-winner told the outlet.

So, now you know why Blunt's husband John Krasinski responded with tears upon seeing the movie. Not that we are mocking or blaming him one bit, but to earn pure tears with your performance from Jim Halpert from the U.S. version of 'The Office' is a pretty big feat. Need we sell it more?!

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