Mary Hart blasted for allegedly showing white power symbol at Trump event, Angry Internet calls her 'disgusting'

Mary Hart blasted for allegedly showing white power symbol at Trump event, Angry Internet calls her 'disgusting'
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Former 'Entertainment Tonight' host Mary Hart is the latest public figure to be canceled by the Internet for her actions. She has been out of the spotlight for many years and reappeared to host President of the United States Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for the POTUS' Fourth of July event in Mount Rushmore. The 69-year-old former Miss South Dakota winner, made an appearance in her home state on Friday, July 3 to host the Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration as Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived on Air Force One.

Standing on the podium, Hart stretched out three fingers and joined the thumb and the index finger while thanking the odd 7,500 attendees at the event. "Thank you, incredible audience. You have been here for hours!" she said as she did the gesture with both her hands, leaving many speculating that it was an attempt to flash the white power symbol."Unbelievable, Mary Hart. It is people like this that hurt our country’s ability to move forward. Racism has no place, Mary Hart, in the United States of America. How dare you flash white power signs on national television. You should be ashamed," wrote a user on Twitter. Another wrote, "Dear Hollywood, Mary Hart just threw up the white power symbol, just in case you were wondering who not to hire for your upcoming projects... You see we won’t support racism. Neither should you."Another tweet read, "Mary Hart is a white power monger — she’s disgusting." Another user tweeted, "@etnow Do you support a white supremacist Mary Hart who through (sic) up white power signs at a rally for Trump. I thought your show has more respect than that."

However, there were many who thought that people were reading too much into the gesture that also is a symbol for gesturing 'okay'."OH, HERE WE GO AGAIN !!!! IT THE WHITE POWER SYMBOL BY MARY HART ???? WHAT UTTER NONSENSE FROM THE FAKE NEWS BULL$HIT MEDIA !!!!!" wrote a user.

Filmmaker Judd Apatow was the one who jumped on the bandwagon of people calling it a white power symbol. "No one does that when making a speech. Ever. It’s just not what you do with your hands. Ever. Can you remember anyone ever doing that?" he wrote on his page. Replying to him while defending Hart, a user wrote, "Honestly? Yes, I can remember people doing it. My well-read mother, who is Mary Hart’s age, told me the symbol meant 'okay' when I sent this video to her. Certainly, there are many people who flash it as a white power sign. I don’t think I’d include Mary Hart in that group." Another user replied, "You idiot! Maybe you'll understand in Hollywood terms. Mary Hart is like Mary Tyler Moore, neither one would know anything about a white power symbol."

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