Mary Carey gets hitched to doctor beau Joseph Brownfield after declaring there's no more porn and strip clubs for her

As per Carey herself, once she is hitched, she will not be taking her clothes off for anybody save her doctor husband

                            Mary Carey gets hitched to doctor beau Joseph Brownfield after declaring there's no more porn and strip clubs for her
Mary Carey (Getty Images)

Adult film star Mary Carey is officially off the market! The famed adult entertainment actor has tied the knot with her new doctor beau - Joseph Brownfield - and as per her last interview with TMZ, it means only one thing: she is totally off taking off clothes for anybody but her doc husband.

Getting hitched to the ER doctor on Wednesday at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, it would be interesting to wait and watch if Carey is following up on her words to a TMZ camera guy, wherein she had stated "once she put on her wedding band, she wouldn't be taking off her clothes for anyone but for the good doc. So, all porn and strip club gigs are off the table now."

However, this marriage doesn't mean the adult entertainer is done partying as the newlyweds are also in the process of planning a July wedding in Cuba. 

This second wedding comes shortly after her divorce from her previous husband - electrician Mario Monge, whom she was hitched to until May this year. She had reportedly asked the judge to speed up the process of the divorce, so she and her new beau could officially plan for their wedding and go ahead with it.

Carey and her ex, Monge's, marriage had ended back in 2016, when she pulled the plug on the six-and-a-half years of marriage, reportedly due to intimacy issues. Speaking to TMZ, the former California gubernatorial candidate had revealed that the real reason behind the divorce was a lack of sex.

She filed paperwork for the divorce stating irreconcilable differences, but Carey had claimed that her electrician ex was way too into the idea of her being a housewife - especially getting rid of her porn name and going by her maiden name, Mary Ellen Cook.

But she wasn't going to have any of that; she had requested spousal support in addition to the former couple's 2003 Cadillac, 2004 Corvette and their North Hollywood apartment. She and Mongue had gotten married at Las Vegas in July 2009 and do not have any kids.

Post their separation, Carey — who had also appeared in the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew — had admitted that she was ready to 'meet people and have lots of sex,' as per TMZ.

Carey's claim to international fame was running for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger — who eventually defeated her, back in 2003. She had finished 10th among a total of 135 candidates on the ballot.

Pornstar Mary Carey, a candidate running in the California recall election, poses for a photograph after a press conference to announce the Game Show Network's new show 'Who Wants To Be Governor Of California? (Photo by Games Show Network via Getty Images)

Carey has also shot three movies with Stormy Daniels who has been in the news thanks to her 'meeting' with Trump. In a funny turn of events, however, the two adult stars who had worked back in 2000, most likely just ignore each other - as if they had never shot intimate scenes. 

All of this resulted from their personalities clashing on and off set during their shooting of an adult film in 2002, and also during a shoot of a Hustler magazine layout not that long after.

"My girlfriends in LA all know about how [she] and I have never gotten along — not because of me. I'm actually really nice to everyone. She just has never seemed to like me," Carey had spoken about Daniels to the PhillyVoice.