Marvel’s 'Eternals' to feature BTS 'Friends', fans 'proud of Jimin and Taehyung'

'Friends' is a 2020 song made by Jimin and sung by him and V aka Taehyung

                            Marvel’s 'Eternals' to feature BTS 'Friends', fans 'proud of Jimin and Taehyung'
BTS' Jimin and V's song said to be featured in 'Eternals' (BTS/Weverse, @eternals/Instagram)

Looks like it is no exaggeration when fans say that K-pop is gradually taking over other industries. Previously, we saw several notable K-pop idols like GOT7’s Mark, Bibi and DPR LIVE in the OST album of Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’. And now for their next superhero film ‘Eternals’, the Hollywood studio has gone all out once again. And this time, it seems that they have roped in BTS’ Jimin and Taehyung aka V.

Last week, there were rumors that BTS’ ‘Friends’ is said to be used in ‘Eternals’. While the official soundtrack album has not been released by Marvel, fans were excited about the global K-pop group’s latest gig. ‘Friends’ is a 2020 song that was released in BTS’ fourth Korean studio album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’. The album consists of several solo and duet songs. ‘Friends’ is performed by the two BTS members Jimin and Taehyung as it chronicles their friendship. Additionally, it was produced by Jimin.


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Jimin and Taehyung’s song to be in a Marvel movie

The pop-rock track with an enigmatic beat is Jimin’s fourth song that he has participated in the making. If featured in ‘Eternals’, ‘Friends’ will be perfect for the film as it tells the tale of an alien race that has bonded with Earth and will do anything to protect it even if it means to fight and die for it. At the moment, the song's involvement has been reportedly confirmed by The Direct. While some ARMY are excited, others are waiting for a confirmation from Marvel.


Other songs said to be featured in the film range from Pink Floyd’s ‘Time’ and Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ to Skeeter Davis’ ‘The End of the World’ and Bach’s ‘Concerto No. 5’. 'Eternals' reportedly has several flashbacks into different eras that complement the dynamic soundtrack album. It will be released in theaters worldwide on November 5. The film will be directed by Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao of ‘Nomadland’ fame. It also stars the likes of Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani and ‘Game of Thrones’ co-stars Richard Madden and Kit Harington.

‘Proud of you both’

Excited ARMY have been trending related phrases like ‘Proud of Producer Jimin’ and ‘Proud of Jimin and Taehyung’ to hype up their involvement. One fan tweeted, “PROUD OF PRODUCER JIMIN FRIENDS WENT FROM BEING THE FIRST BTS COLLAB TRACK TO GET A GAON NOMINATION SOTY (& FILTER BEING THE ONLY SOLO TO) TO BEING IN MARVEL'S ETERNALS SOUNDTRACK. THIS IS EVERYTHING HE DESERVES!” Another ARMY shared, “So so proud of you both. i love you so much, my dearest vmin!!! 🤍 PROUD OF PRODUCER JIMIN PROUD OF JIMIN AND TAEHYUNG.”

One fan added, “Vmin friends since high school , graduated together , their song will be ost of marvel the eternals , yes vmin the most successful bestfriend , so proud of jimin and taehyung.” “Just remembered Jimin went to watch Endgame in theater.. Now I can't imagine the happiness on Jimin’s face when he will hear his produced track friends playing in Eternals as Eternals is Most anticipated movie and next part of Endgame,” said one ARMY.





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