Who is Marty Allen? Florida deputy demands nude pics from undercover cop who he thought was a 15-year-old girl

The Charlotte County deputy was arrested after the sting operation on charges of lewd conduct

                            Who is Marty Allen? Florida deputy demands nude pics from undercover cop who he thought was a 15-year-old girl
Deputy Marty Allen was caught in a sting op (Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FLORIDA: Marty Allen, a Charlotte County deputy, was arrested on Sunday, February 14 on charges of lewd conduct after he allegedly tried to acquire nude photos from an undercover cop who he thought was a 15-year-old girl. According to authorities, the said undercover agent spoke to Allen for ten months and the 41-year-old is now facing criminal charges. According to news station WBBH, two undercover agents said the conversations between Allen and the teen they pretended to be would occur while he was on duty.

“Deputy Allen has broken his oath and that sacred trust that is expected as a law enforcement officer, instead, choosing to prey upon those he swore to serve and protect. This cannot and will not be tolerated,” Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummel said.


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Who is Marty Allen?

Martin William Allen was the culprit who was exposed after a sting operation when he asked for nude pictures of a teen and then asked her to move in with him. Not many details about his personal life are available on the internet. He was caught when investigators set up a location for him to meet the teen and after his arrest, he was placed on administrative leave without pay. After talking to the 'teen' for about ten months, the conversation would turn sexual, authorities said. 

"From sleeping nude together to taking showers to giving massages. Allen went as far as asking if the 15-year-old girl would move in with him,” Sheriff Prummell said in a Facebook video on Sunday, February 14. Talking about the arrest, Lee Bassett and Rebecca Freeman, the agents who pretended to be the teen had a few thoughts. This was Bassett's first arrest and of the Southwest Florida Exposing Predators group, according to WBBH.

"As soon as we found that out I had to call the cops right away,” Bassett said. "You’re a cop,” Freeman said. “You’re taught to protect people and you’re out here trying to take advantage of an innocent child."

"Hopefully this page stops working at the end, where I have nobody to catch anymore,” Bassett said. “If they’re scared it might be someone like me on the other end of the phone… they just drop the phone. Hang up.” The report also added that the end goal was really simple for Lee Bassett and his team — protect children.

He said the Charlotte County sheriff’s office didn’t try to hide the incident at all. They arrested Allen within days of Bassett’s initial call to internal affairs. "I thought are they going to try to help us? Or are they going to try to protect him? But thank God they did the right thing and got him off the street," Freeman said.

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