'Marrying Millions': Are Rick Sykes and Erica Moser still together? Her 'friend' has all the details

The last we checked, Erica was picking out wedding dresses for her big day

                            'Marrying Millions': Are Rick Sykes and Erica Moser still together? Her 'friend' has all the details
Erica and Rick were engaged when 'Marrying Millions' went on a mid-season break (Lifetime)

'Marrying Millions' Season 2 went on a mid-season break on October 7, 2020, with a cliff-hanger of an episode. While some were progressing with their wedding planning, others were stuck not knowing if they should go for such a huge commitment as marriage. But Erica Moser, 23, and Rick Sykes, 69, were confident of their love and she had begun picking out wedding dresses too. But did all that excitement last? If her 'friend' is telling the truth, then we'd have to go with a solid no.

Erica Moser and Rick Sykes are 46 years apart(Lifetime)


A Reddit user, claiming to be Erica's friend, dropped a bomb on the site. She posted that Erica and Rick are "done" and are probably not seeing each other. The user gathered that information from Erica's social media, where she doesn't appear to be living on a yacht anymore and has no pictures of her and Rick. Apparently, she was never in it for "love" and had other intentions. 

"She has been posting some very directed things on her social media to suggest such an outcome. They are no longer friends on Facebook. I am not entirely convinced she was in it for "love" from the start," she wrote. 

Erica Moser and Rick Sykes from 'Marrying Millions' (Lifetime)


But when you look at their interviews outside of the show, the couple seems extremely put together and confident of their love for each other. So much so that the 46-year age gap doesn't bother them. In fact, they find it funny when people criticize them for it. 

However, when it comes to her father, she takes his opinion seriously. Even though she loves Rick, Erica also understood when her father decided to not be a part of her wedding ceremony. "You can't blame my dad for not being happy or being completely supportive," she told Fox News and added: "It was definitely not his dream for his little baby girl to be dating someone older than him."


Because it mattered so much to her, Rick took the pain of going back to her father to ask her hand in marriage. Despite the knee-jerk hesitation, Erica's father green-lit their union. 

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