Married babysitter seduced 13-year-old, repeatedly had sex with him and gave birth to his child, gets 30 months

Married babysitter seduced 13-year-old, repeatedly had sex with him and gave birth to his child, gets 30 months
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A married babysitter who had sex with a teenager and had his baby has been sentenced to prison for 30 months. A judge revealed that the woman showed no remorse for her actions whatsoever.

The nursery worker, Leah Cordice, was inebriated one evening in January 2017 when she went into the 13-year-old boy's room where he was playing on his Xbox. Cordice then seduced the victim by pulling his pants down and begging for sex, the judge was told. The woman, who is now 20 years old, had denied all the allegations of sexual abuse and instead claimed that she had been raped by the boy.

A jury at the Reading Crown Court had rejected her version of the story and had convicted Cordice for sleeping with the victim at least five times. Judge Peter Clarke, QC, said, "Cordice asserted that the truth was that she had been raped by the victim on multiple occasions... It has understandably been urged on the court that psychiatric examination has found Cordice to be of borderline intellectual ability with an IQ of 70 to 85. I had and have difficulty with that assessment... I heard no indication from either Cordice or the victim that she held him in any particular affection, the evidence from at least one witness was of physical obsession and self-indulgence as opposed to emotional attachment." 

While giving a victim impact statement, the victim said that he had been diagnosed with separation anxiety by a psychologist, which had been due to him having his child taken away by social services. The boy shared with the court, "I cannot see my child and have not had any involvement with her recently. Seeing my daughter and then having her taken out of my life was very hard to cope with. It feels like I was punished for what I have been through. I hope in the future I can move on from this and have a relationship with my daughter."

Jurors were also told that Cordice had strategically groomed the child and would frequently send him complimentary texts where she would call him 'cute' and also give him money for fish and chips. We had earlier reported that the two had sex at least twice a month for an entire year and she eventually had a baby girl with him. While Cordice engaged in sexual activity with the teenager, she also married her long-term boyfriend who had believed that the child was his. 

Daniel Robbins, who has since separated from Cordice, said, "There was an argument straight after the DNA test. I was bawling my eyes out. Honestly, if you want to talk about being traumatized, that traumatized me. I had a secure job, I had a nice place, I had a good relationship. I had an amazing life." A DNA test eventually revealed the truth — the teenager was the baby's biological father. During an interview, the minor told the police, "You are supposed to have sex and, like, love each other. It was just like, she just wanted to do it. Now I feel like she did not really care about me."

In July 2018, Cordice was arrested at her home. When interviewed by authorities under caution, she denied any sexual contact with the boy.

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