Who is Chris Williams? Meet the former preacher on 'Married at First Sight' who hid a pregnant ex-fiance

Is Chris getting a bad edit or are things really looking dubious at this point?

                            Who is Chris Williams? Meet the former preacher on 'Married at First Sight' who hid a pregnant ex-fiance
Paige, Chris (Lifetime)

'Married at First Sight' is a social experiment not many have the gut to indulge in. But there are few who believe in love way so much that they are willing to invest in a stranger. They're not wrong or delusional, just very positive and hopeful that it'll all fall in place. And for a lot of the 'MAFS' couples, this approach has worked out swimmingly. Of course, there have been exceptions. Over the years, the process produced unsuccessful marriages as well, and incompatibility and infidelity were two common causes that were cited by most individuals, who eventually parted ways with their partners from the show. Will Season 12's Chris Williams and Paige Banks be one of them? 

According to a MAFS fan account, Chris hid the truth about his ex-fiance whom he got pregnant. What's more, his wife Paige found out about it only after they said their "I Dos". Will the couple be able to power through or will the shocking revelation cause their marriage to crumble? Time will tell. But viewers are definitely not okay with the dirt that has surfaced and is going viral at this point. 

"I’m getting scammer vibes from Chris. I don’t see Chris and Page working out," a user tweeted, while another shared: "Chris and Paige are not going to make it. I don't think they're a good match based solely on what Chris has shown us." 




"He seems like he’s into looks only and is looking for a trophy wife. Paige is too good for him. My prediction is this couple won’t work because he won’t appreciate her," a fan commented. "Ok so the show bought chris on for tv drama not for love. Y’all know damn well he ain’t ready. He looking for marketing #marriedatfirstsight #mafs #marriedatfirstsightatl this show has gone down the drain," a fan wrote.



What is Chris's job?

He is a "successful" franchise owner of Subway but that was only after he had left his job as a preacher because it didn't pay him enough. Chris was in the military, sold cars for a bit, moved to Miami, and became homeless, Soap Dirt reported. It was then that he got into finance management and finally saved enough for his business. 

Catch the Season 12 premiere episode of 'Married at First Sight' on Lifetime on January 13, Wednesday starting 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.   

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