Tuff blames Monie Love for failed rap career, 'MBC' fans call it self-sabotage

'Tuff YOU are the reason why your rap career is in the damn toilet! Monie had nothing to do with it!!!' wrote an 'MBC' fan

                            Tuff blames Monie Love for failed rap career, 'MBC' fans call it self-sabotage
'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' stars Monie Love and Tuff (WE tv)

Whether you are a celebrity or a regular person, getting over infidelity in a relationship isn't easy. Two-time Grammy nominee Monie Love is a testament to that. When the rap icon realized that her partner Tuff cheated on her while she was pregnant with their baby she struggled to find a way to forgive him. Despite being in a relationship for a little over 14 years, the British rapper just didn't find it in herself to give her baby daddy a free pass especially after learning that he cheated on her with eight women!

The couple decided to come on WE tv's 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' hoping to fix their relationship issues stemming from Tuff's infidelity. Monie was hoping that the show's hosts- Dr Ish Major and Judge Lynn Toler could help her navigate through the issues alongside their fellow celebrity couples- Noreaga and Neri, Mally Mall and Tresure Price, and Siir Brock and Amber Laura. Unfortunately for Monie, it looks like instead of showing any signs of remorse or regret over his actions, Tuff has found a way to blame her for his actions.


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During one of the many trust-building drills on the show, Monie's boyfriend Tuff tells her that he blames her for his rap career not taking off. He expressed how some of her actions sabotaged their income sources in the relationship. Monie was completely taken aback on hearing that. Later she asked him if he really meant what he said to her during the drill. Tuff replied yes and went on to accuse her of blocking his career and not helping him with his career like she used to.

A very frustrated Monie tried pointing out that she didn't need to help a person who hurt her. Instead of trying to understand Monie's point of view, Tuff just walked away saying she should have left him if his actions hurt her so much, instead of staying with him and not helping him. He compared their situation to a couple who got married but didn't have sex. He also admitted in his green room interview that if Monie wasn't willing to make changes then he wouldn't mind leaving the show alone.

Fans were shocked on seeing Tuff blame Monie for his failed career. A fan tweeted, "Tuff mad cause he fumbled his own bag by cheating are you that unsure of your music skills that you didn't believe you could make it on your own and needed a handout? #marriagebootcamp #hiphopbootcamp." Another fan wrote, "Tuff self sabotaged his own career. #marriagebootcamp." "Tuff YOU are the reason why your rap career is in the damn toilet! Monie had nothing to do with it!!!#HipHopBootCamp," commented a fan. "He really sat there and said why would you want to stay with someone who wouldn’t help you? Like sir didn’t you cheat on her while she was pregnant #HipHopBootCamp," added a fan.




Tuff and Monie Love on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' (WE tv)


Fans also felt that Monie deserved someone who treated her better than Tuff in her life. A fan shared, "Tuff ain’t even all that for Monie to tolerate such disrespect. Sis is too legendary, beautiful and accomplished to accept anything less than the best. I’d be by myself before I accept infidelity, especially on that scale. #MarriageBootCamp #MarriageBootCampRealityStars." "Okay, there is no way in HELL the… THE MONIE LOVE is in a relationship with this guy… nope nope nope. #wetv #marriagebootcamp She’s an actual Legend & should be cherished as such. What in the actual F?," seconded a fan.



'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' Season 16 airs every Thursdays at 9/8c on WE tv.