Are Tresure Price and Mally Mall a couple? 'Marriage Boot Camp' fans ask 'since when'

'Mally Mal for the streets and Treasure know that she just ain’t got no self esteem about herself,' wrote a 'MBC' fan

                            Are Tresure Price and Mally Mall a couple? 'Marriage Boot Camp' fans ask 'since when'
Tresure Price and Mally Mall on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' (WE tv)

Some couples seem so odd together that we end up wondering 'how are they even together'. Fans of WE tv's popular reality show 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' had the same question running on their mind after watching famous hip-hop producer Mally Mall and his girlfriend Tresure Price on the show. 'MBC' features celebrity couples trying to work through issues in their relationship before finally deciding whether their current partner is 'the one' or jump the ship.

Season 16 of 'MBC' kicked off with four famous hip-hop couples making their way into the mansion. One of the couples was none other than Mally Mall and his girlfriend Tresure. It wasn't just fans who were a bit surprised by the strange pairing. Even fellow celebrity couple, Siir Brock and Amber Laura were surprised to see the producer with his partner. In their confessional Siir Brock candidly explained how in the hip-hop circle everybody knows that Mally has a lot of money and several girls around him at all times. So they were surprised to see him with his latest "bunny". The chemistry between the couple didn't really help their cause much either.


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Tresure Price broke down in front of everybody after a couple of drinks (WE tv)


Tresure, who is an exotic dancer and has previously starred on 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' and 'Beyond the Pole' kept chugging down her drinks like there was no tomorrow. Mally explained that he hated watching his girlfriend get drunk as she gets very emotional and starts crying and ranting about stuff. True to his words, Tresure surprised everybody by breaking into tears out of blue for no reason. The other couples were stuck in an awkward situation and had no clue how to react to her sudden outburst of tears. Later, Tresure explained that her boyfriend is very controlling and everything has to be as per his wishes. 

In their introduction segment, the couple revealed that they met at a party in 2017 and have been on and off together ever since then. Long-distance and infidelity brought them to boot camp. After watching the awkward tension between Mally and Tresure fans began wondering since when the duo became a couple. A fan tweeted, "What is Mally Mal doing with Treasure? That girl was on LHHATL talking about yay side chicks, and got her a** whooped by @I_amdimepiece ,she was on beyond the pole...this girl is a pass around.Mal! man ,put her back in rotation. @MBC_WEtv #marriagebootcamp." Another fan wrote, "So Treasure was on Love & Hip Hop, Beyond the Pole and now this #MarriageBootCamp when did Mally Mal and Treasure become a couple ?!" "So Treasure and Mally Mal are a couple? Since when? #MarriageBootCamp," wondered a fan.




Mally Mall on 'MBC' (WE tv)


Another fan joked, "Mally Mal for the streets and Treasure know that she just ain’t got no self esteem about herself #MarriageBootCamp." "Amber either needs to accept Brock as he is or move on. She can’t keep punishing & abusing him. He needs to leave her, they both codependent that’s the problem. I don’t think Treasure & Molly are really together. #MarriageBootCamp," shared a fan. "Treasure Sis please DO BETTER cause Mally ain’t it #MarriageBootCamp" advised a fan.




'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' Season 16 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on WE tv.

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