'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Phaedra and Medina's 'first kiss' has fans convinced they are faking it

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Phaedra and Medina's 'first kiss' has fans convinced they are faking it
Medina Islam and Phaedra Parks (WE tv)

With each passing episode, fans are more and more convinced that Phaedra Parks and Medina Islam might not be a real couple. The couple's complete lack of chemistry has left both fans as well as hosts of the show — Dr Ish and Judge Lynn Toler — wondering about their relationship.

When Phaedra revealed that she never had sex with Medina, fans were shocked. But Phaedra explained that sex is a powerful thing and she doesn't want to give it up that easily. She also touched upon how her past has shaped her to build walls all around her. Although Medina has an issue with Phaedra not opening up to him or getting intimate with him, he still decided to stick around with the former 'RHOA' star and see how things pan out.

On the latest episode, we saw Dr Ish pointing out to Phaedra and Medina how intimacy is important in any relationship and then casually made a remark about how he had never seen the couple share a kiss since the time they got on the show. Then everybody began demanding that Phaedra and Medina have their first kiss on the show. Just as Medina leans in to kiss her, Phaedra turns away resulting in him kissing the edge of her mouth, while she plants a kiss on his cheek and calls it a day.

After watching the couple's awkward first kiss, fans once again began wondering if the couple was really dating. A fan tweeted, "Medina and Phaedra are a fake couple. The 'kiss' confirmed it." Another fan wrote, "Phaedra, I’m sorry girl but ya looked like you didn’t wanna kiss him on the lips? @PhaedraParks #HipHopBootCamp." Another said, "I’m sorry Phaedra that is not to man! We seen you tongue down Apollo on MULTIPLE occasions! You barely touched Medina when he reached for you. Kissed him on the cheek like he’s your granny. #MarriageBootcampHipHopEdition #MarriageBootCamp #HipHopBootCamp." Another fan shared, "#HipHopBootCamp #MarriageBootCamp Phaedra & Medina didn't kiss until was pointed out to them — then they cheek kissed? Hmmm."

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs every Thursday at 9/8c only on We tv.

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