'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Fans wonder if Phaedra hired Medina to pretend to be her boyfriend

After it was revealed that Phaedra never had sex with Medina, fans began wondering if it was because he wasn't really her boyfriend

                            'Marriage Boot  Camp: Hip Hop Edition': Fans wonder if Phaedra hired Medina to pretend to be her boyfriend
Phaedra and Medina (WE Tv)

Phaedra Parks is finally back on our small screen and we couldn't be happier to see our favorite sassy southern belle back. After her removal from 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' we haven't seen her on any reality shows, thankfully the mortician made her return with the latest season of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition'. On 'RHOA' we saw Phaedra's marriage to her felon husband Apollo Nida fall apart. But she didn't let that hold her down, she went ahead and found herself a new handsome man - Medina Islam. 

Medina who is known for playing Quincey on 'Haves and Have Nots' has been seeing our sassy queen for over a year now. However, his biggest complaint against Phaedra is that she doesn't let him in or open up to him. On the show, the hosts - Dr Ish and Judge Toler unpack this issue through an exercise. The hosts organized a debate for all the couples and played the individual green room interviews where the participants shared their thoughts on their partner and relationships without any filter. In Phaedra's video clip we hear the entertainment attorney reveal that she never had sex with Medina. Her explanation is that sex is a powerful thing and she doesn't want to give it up that easily, and also touched upon how her past has shaped her to build walls all around her. 

Everybody was surprised to hear that the couple never had sex and began sympathizing with Medina. Fans, on the other hand, think there might be another reason behind why Phaedra withheld sex from her boyfriend. Many fans took to Twitter to voice their speculation that Medina might not be Phaedra's boyfriend at all and that their relationship might be "fake" and "arranged" just for the show. 

A fan tweeted, "Phaedra, WHOMST is this man you done rented out???? #MarriageBootCamp." Another fan wrote, "Okay, so already we have an "arranged relationship" between Phaedra and Medina. Am I right or am I right?  #MarriageBootCamp."

"Phaedra and this fake relationship #MarriageBootCamp," declared a fan. Another fan joked, "Phaedra would’ve been better off bringing Apollo #MarriageBootCamp." Several fans drew parallels between Phaedra and her nemesis on 'RHOA' - Kenya Moore. A fan shared, "Phaedra was waving her perfect marriage in Kenya’s face, making fun of her fertility, and saying she was peddling boyfriends. Now, look at this... some, obviously, fake public boyfriend just to get back on TV for a brief moment since she’s still FIRED from #RHOA #MarriageBootCamp."

"Medina and Phaedra nvr had sex look all that dragging she did to Kenya for hiring Walter it’s looking like she’s in the same boat to me. #MarriageBootCamp," echoed another fan. 

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs every Thursday at 9/8 c only on WE Tv. 

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