'Kingsman' creator Mark Millar wants K-Pop band BTS to do a song for one of his movies

'Kingsman' creator Mark Millar wants K-Pop band BTS to do a song for one of his movies
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Mark Millar, the writer whose name is associated with 'Old Man Logan' under Marvel is known in the comic world, although one of his most known works is 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'. The twitter-verse buzzed when the icon joined in on the BTS fandom saying that if it were a choice of his, he'd bring in the K-Pop group to do a song for the next 'Kingsman' movie.

He came across a question from a fan while he thanked BTS fans for their encouraging words about 'Kingsman' — the fan asked if the K-Pop group should be the case in the future films as part of the 'South Korean' division. Millar tweeted his reply, "Actually, given the big Kingsman fan-base in Asia, I personally think it would be very cool to have BTS do a SONG for one of the movies."

So we can see why the fans were immediately on board with this idea — BTS would be able to claim a spot in a motion picture soundtrack. The 'BTS Army' believes the group could team up with the 'Kingsman' franchise. With 'Kingsman 3' currently in the works, the team may still have time to see if the K-pop group could be part of the upcoming film, well, the fans sure hope so.

'The Kingsman' will be in theaters this coming Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020. The release date of 'Kingsman 3' is yet to be set.


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