Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to debate with AOC but admits she didn't READ ALL 14 pages of Green New Deal

'Interesting how she's been attacking it so vigorously while apparently not even having read it,' said a user

                            Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to debate with AOC but admits she didn't READ ALL 14 pages of Green New Deal
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (Getty Images)

A major faux pas by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has led to merciless trolling online. On April 15, she challenged New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to a debate about the Green New Deal. She followed up that challenge on Wednesday, April 21, with a tweet, that turned into a bit of a self-goal.

Greene shared a photo of herself and AOC and tweeted, "I’m glad I ran into you today @AOC to plan our debate about the Green New Deal. After I finish reading all 14 pages, like we agreed, I’ll schedule time for our debate." She even used the hashtag #MTGvsAOC to add more fuel to the fire, but unfortunately for Greene, the tweet didn't have the effect she was hoping for.



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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks during a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol on February 5, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Instead, users picked on the fact that Greene hadn't actually read the bill. The phrase "All 14" quickly began trending on Twitter, as many mocked Greene. AOC is yet to respond, which many took as a sign that she was busy, unlike Greene. The trolling was brutal but doesn't seem to have bothered Greene. She is yet to respond to critics or delete her tweet. 

The Green New Deal is a major bone of contention between progressives and conservatives. Based on former President Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal, the Green New Deal combines Roosevelt's economic approach with modern ideas such as renewable energy and sustainable growth. President Biden has shown some interest in the idea but has often preferred a more moderate approach. He has introduced some concepts in his 'American Jobs Plan', but it doesn't go as far as progressives like AOC want.

'Dedication to ignorance could be admired'

Screenwriter B Janine Morison tweeted, "AOC is too busy working to waste her time with a Congresswoman who has been removed from all committees. MTG is desperately trying to be relevant when she just a horse who has been put out to pasture. AOC has real work to get to unlike MTG who has NOTHING of value to offer". Actor Don Cheadle commented, "this self own is amazing ..." Former CIA Officer Emily Brandwin called Greene, "You were that kid who complained about the length of CliffsNotes".




One person tweeted, "You're telling me that Marjorie Taylor Greene didn't even READ ALL 14 pages before criticizing the Green New Deal? She simply criticized it without knowing what was in it lol This is what happens when halfwits run unopposed". Another person joked, "Interesting how she's been attacking it so vigorously while apparently not even having read it. All 14 pages of it. That's a level of dedication to ignorance that could almost be admired. Almost."



Vote Vets tweeted, "Weird she’d go into a battle of wits unarmed, but ok." Another person joked, "'After I finish reading all 14 pages...' Vegas should put odds on which happens first - this or George RR Martin finishing 'The Winds of Winter.'"




Another user joked about Greene's lack of committee assignments, and tweeted, "All 14 pages?? What a task for you! But since you have no committee assignments, maybe you will have the many, many days you need to read all 14 pages." One person joked, "She might need help from the Jewish space lasers to help her get through all 14 pages once she sees the font size."



Bernie Sanders (L) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hold a news conference to introduce legislation as part of their Green New Deal proposal outside the US Capitol on November 14, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

While the Green New Deal is itself a large set of proposals, rather than a single bill, it has been broken down into multiple smaller bills. AOC and Cori Bush introduced the Green New Deal for Cities Act of 2021 on April 20. The day before, AOC and Bernie Sanders reintroduced the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act. Liberal Democrats have been introducing a flurry of environmentally friendly policies under the Biden administration, but are yet to pass any due to the deadlocked Senate.

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